Why Is My Guitar So Heavy? A guitar weight is often overlooked by most artists either you’re a pro or a beginner. However, it can make or break someone’s performance if not taken seriously as it comes with different repercussions. Regardless of how it is made up, you need to consider how you are going to use it, whether you’re standing in front of a crowd or just sitting down on a stool.

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There are lots of factors why your guitar might be a bit heavy for you. The construction of the materials whether it’s acoustic or electric. Another element to look at are the strings, some guitar comes with heavy strings, some comes with coated strings, some even have steel strings.

Here are some of the factors that will contribute to the weight of a guitar and some comparisons from different variations of heavyweight and lightweight guitars.

Overall Weight Of A Guitar

The typical lightweight guitars weigh 6lbs to 8lbs (2.7kg – 3.6kg) while heavy guitars weigh 9 lbs to 12lbs (4.1kg – 5.4kg). This may sound like there’s a huge difference but there are plenty of factors associated with different types of guitar.

Construction Of A Guitar

There are a lot of different factors that are involved in the construction of guitars, as mentioned before it can drastically change from time to time. You need to consider the wood type,  whether it has a solid or a semi-hollow body, the neck wood material and the hardware itself. These factors are the common aspects that made the guitar as a whole and the most significant of them all is the wood type.

Your guitar might feel heavy depending on the wood it’s made of, certain woods are heavier and denser, as a result, it primarily affects the weight of the guitar. Some guitars come with wood combinations, for instance, a mahogany/ebony combination, as the body is the largest part of a guitar this contributes to the overall weight of a guitar.

Light Guitars Vs Heavy Guitars

Why Is My Guitar So Heavy?

Finding the perfect balance for guitars will always be a dilemma not just for beginners but also for the professionals. They still haven’t figured it out, as a result, they buy both from the lightest guitar to the heaviest.  Acoustic guitars are made from a hollow body, therefore, ended up in the lighter scale of guitars. A good example of these guitars is Taylor GS Mini and the lightest guitar in the market which is the Martin Backpacker.

Why Is My Guitar So Heavy?

On the other hand, electric guitars are considered to be pioneers of heavy guitars, a good example of it is the Gibson Les Paul and the Fender Stratocaster.

Why Is My Guitar So Heavy?


To sum it all up, different factors affect the overall weight of a guitar. Finding the perfect balance between what you desire versus what suits your playability is important. As you are well aware, the guitar weight can hinder or even destroy your performance. Stability and sustainability will always be your key points to be able to play well and people will enjoy your performance.

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