Why Are Guitar Picks So Expensive? Most guitarists use this small tool that is called a pick. Acoustic guitarists often utilize guitar picks for strumming chord progressions and for playing single-note lines by lead guitarists. Aside from that, this little tool is also suitable for improvising and melodic playing. While being so small, most guitar players are wondering why picks have a relatively high price point.

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Why are guitar picks so expensive? The high price point of guitar picks relates to the cost of the product’s manufacturing material and labor. Some guitar pick manufacturers utilize a high proprietary composite material that requires high precision milling that adds to the price of the product.

Reason To Use A Pick

Most guitarists use a pick. For lead guitarists, a pick allows them to play single-note lines easier, improvising, and melodic playing. On the other hand, acoustic guitar players use this tool often for strumming chord progressions.

Things To Consider When Buying A Guitar Pick

Here are some of the best characteristics of a guitar pick that you should look for:


When buying a guitar pick, make sure that it features good density and flexibility. These two attributes affect the way that the strings respond to the material and its playability. Another is the fracture resistance of the pick and its hardness. If the pick has the right level of hardness, the scratch-resistance of the material and its tendency to wear over time is determined.

Aside from that, the feel of the material is the best way to determine if it is the best pick for you. It is also essential to check the smoothness of the pick. If the pick is too smooth, it will glide off of the guitar’s strings. On the other hand, a relatively rough pick doesn’t, which may produce an unpleasant sound as they encounter the strings.

Pick Size And Shape

Another way to determine the right pick for your needs is to observe its size and shape. One of the most important factors influencing the overall playability and sound of the pick is the thickness of the material. Sometimes it is determined by both the player’s choice and the specifications of the product is used.

The edge bevel of the pick is another essential factor to consider because it affects the string’s resistance. It is especially that a guitarist utilizes a different side of the pick’s beveled contour for upstroke compared with a downstroke.

Affordable Picks That You Can Find

Among the most affordable pick options that are available today include the Dunlop Primetone Picks. It’s surface if grip and is hand-burnished with sculpted edges. You may also try the US Blues Buffalo Horn Picks that are ideal for jazz guitarists, as well as electric and acoustic guitar players.

Why Are Guitar Picks So Expensive?


To conclude, guitar picks are expensive because manufacturers impose a standard price for their products. Aside from that, the materials and labors used to create the products greatly contribute to the high price point of the guitar picks.

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