Where Is Middle C On Guitar? Guitar lessons always start with the C chord position. This chord is the best way to start learning how to play the guitar, which is the same when learning the piano. The first key that piano students should learn is the key to C too. It is free of sharps or flats, making it excellent for beginners.

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Also, it lies at the center of the piano keyboard. On most guitars, the middle C can be found on the third string at the fifth fret or second string at first fret. Since guitar chords can be altered, middle C-chord can appear in multiple places. Read on so you can find out more details about the said key.

Middle C-Chord Explained

Having an idea of where the middle C is located on a guitar is a great advantage. However, it differs in how the guitar is built or designed. Guitars have different numbers of frets, so you better know how many frets your guitar has. In this post, we will focus on guitars with 24 frets to easily locate where the middle C-chord is.

Playing the middle C-chord can make a difference to your music. It brings a different mood or a resilient feeling to the song. Your music may sound joyful, hopeful, and playful, all because of a single key.

Guitars have a major scale pattern wherein C-chord can be played in various positions. The pattern starts with C and D-E-F-G-A-B follows. The C-scale has C on the root and higher octave.

Middle C-chord can be played on five of the six guitar strings. It is not a drill!

You may play middle C-chord on the twentieth fret of the sixth string, the fifteenth fret of the fifth string, the tenth fret of the fourth string, and fifth and second fret of the third and second string. Indeed, it can be played anywhere.

Why Should We Start With “C”?

Instead of discussing the other chords, we rather prioritize the key of C for many reasons. It is not about being third in the alphabet, but C could be the easiest guitar chord everyone must learn about.

The C-chord does not complicate things like the other guitar chords. It is very easy to locate anywhere on the guitar. Beginners will never have a hard time mastering the key of C, especially the middle Cs.


In conclusion, start learning how to play guitar by finding the middle C on your instrument. It may not be the easiest chord to start with for beginners, but it is the fundamental thing to learn before proceeding to other chords.

You can search for a C-chord scale online. A C-chord scale is an effective and easy to use tool to locate where the middle C is. There are also other tools that are used by most musicians to understand guitars better. Aside from that, there are downloadable apps today that can show you essential details on instrument chords. Most of these apps are free and are easy to install.

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