Where Do You Store Guitar Picks? Guitar picks are the most affordable accessories for guitar players. No wonder then that many guitarists will have their picks lying around. It may be on tables, in their pockets, and even inside their acoustic guitars. But these are inefficient ways of storing picks since you’re likely to spend more time than necessary on finding them.

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You will then want to store your picks in a way that allows faster and easier access to them. There are several ways, from wallet-like pick holders to microphone stand pick holders.

Dunlop Series 5005 Pickholder

Where Do You Store Guitar Picks?

You can place this pick holder where it’s most convenient, such as on the bottom of your guitar or the strap. It is due to its strong adhesive backing that sticks to most surfaces, from wood to leather.

Since it’s spring-loaded, the succeeding picks move forward as soon as the first pick is removed. You don’t have to fumble around for the next one, as was the case when you kept picks in your jeans pocket. 

Anthology Gear Full Grain Leather Bi-fold Wallet with Guitar Pick Holder

Where Do You Store Guitar Picks?

You can store as many as three guitar picks in this wallet! You can then carry your picks in convenient storage while also ensuring that you will not be running out of picks. You can also put your paper money, debit and credit cards, and other bills into it.  

(Aged Steel) Anthology Gear Compact Guitar Pick Holder

Where Do You Store Guitar Picks?

Yet another great wallet and pick holder in one is the Anthology Gear in Aged Steel color. While it can only store two picks, it’s large enough to hold your driver’s license, two of your cards and a few bills. You won’t have to carry around another wallet on your gigs, just your guitar and this wallet in your jeans pocket. 

Hide & Drink, Rustic Leather Guitar Pick Holder

Where Do You Store Guitar Picks?

With its leather material, this pick holder and keyring are beautiful to look at, practical to use, and durable. You can carry it everywhere, thanks to its lightweight and portable design.

Pick Geek Guitar Pick Tuner Bundle Set

Where Do You Store Guitar Picks?

If you happen to have extra money to spend, you may want to get the whole nine yards. This set already contains the Wedgie, arguably the best pick holder because it keeps your picks within easy access. Just lock the Wedgie onto the strings of your guitar and insert two picks in it. You don’t have to fumble in your jeans pocket since the picks are already in your guitar.

BestSounds Guitar Strap with 3 Pick Holders

If you play the guitar with a strap, then you will want this guitar strap with a pick holder! The strap itself is made of durable woven cotton material and leather, and it comes with three slots for holding the picks. It’s a perfect fit for bass, acoustic and electric guitars, too.

Fretfunk Microphone Stand Pick holder

This Fretfunk pick holder features slots for 12 picks, six picks in two rows. You can easily mount it on a microphone stand, so the guitarists have easy access to the picks. The picks are also easy to slide into the slots while remaining secure in them until their removal. 


To summarize, guitar picks may be inexpensive, but it isn’t a reason to lose them because of improper storage regularly. Choose from among the pick holders mentioned above and use your picks for a longer time.  

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