What To Practice On Guitar? If you are a complete beginner on playing guitar and you are clueless about where to start, here is a guide that can help you out. Usually, the most common things that professional guitar players tell beginners about what they need to know when learning guitar are arpeggios, scales, chords, and songs. But these things won’t help someone who doesn’t have zero knowledge about guitars.

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With the comprehensive steps below, you can learn the basic things to practice on the guitar. Aside from that, you can also learn how and why these things relate to each other.

Read Guitar Tabs

The first lesson that beginners should learn is to read guitar tabs. It is much easier to master than learning how to read standard music notation.

Nowadays, almost every piece of music or song was written for guitar is available in guitar tabs. Aside from that, learning how to read guitar tabs along with scale diagrams and chords is necessary so you can learn other things that you will be practicing.

Know About Easy Tunes

Through reading the guitar tab, learn easy tunes such as Can-Can, Ode To Joy, or Sound of Silence that have a melody that is familiar to you. It will allow you to ensure that you understand how guitar tabs work as well as to begin mastering them.

Afterward, your fingers can now get its first taste on the guitar neck. You will also begin developing muscle memory along the way. Professional guitar players don’t need to look at their fingers when changing notes since they have done it so many times that they already know what to do next. As if they have eyes on their fingers.

Study Open Major And Minor Chords

Open chords are a form of chords that includes at least one note that doesn’t require to be fretted by any of the left hand’s finger. Compared to bare chords, open chords are easier to play. Some of the open major and minor chords that you should learn are C, A, E, G, and D major, as well as Am, Em, And Dm minor chords.

Change From Chord To Another Speedily

After this stage, you will start learning how to play songs using your guitar. Familiarize yourself with guitar chords, especially the family chords. At first, switch from one chord to another slowly. Afterward, do it faster.

Try Strumming And Picking

The next thing you need to do is to start learning how to strum the guitar. For right-handed individuals, use your right hand to strum the guitar. Otherwise, use your left hand.

Train one of your hands to strum while the other is doing the chords. First, learn the basic strumming styles that you can use to the first song you will play. Later on, learn guitar picking to improve your skills.

After this step, start learning how to play songs using your guitar!


To summarize, playing guitar is enjoyable, but learning the basics of guitar playing requires dedication and commitment. If you want to make, guitar playing a hobby, start by learning these things. These are your foundation to learn advance guitar skills easier.

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