What Size Guitar Should I Get? Guitars are among the most personal musical instruments we have today. When you play the guitar, you have to put it close to your body. Do it as if you are cradling and caressing it like your lover. Such physical intimacy, of a sort, emphasizes the importance of getting the right-sized guitar.

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The main factor that should consider when choosing a guitar in terms of its size is your height and age, followed by your skill level. You may want a concert guitar, for example, but it may be too large for your height and your skill level, not to mention the venue.

Tips For Choosing The Right Size

Often, the best way to determine the right size is to pick up a guitar, place it in your preferred playing position and play it. If you feel comfortable playing it, then it’s likely the right size for your height and age. If you feel awkward, such as when your arms are stretched too much around the guitar’s body, then it isn’t the guitar for you.

You shouldn’t be ashamed about getting a smaller or larger guitar based on your physical characteristics. You will put your arms around it, place it on your knee, and play it, so go ahead. Your comfort is paramount in making beautiful music.

If a guitar is too large for you, you won’t have the proper reach with both your hands. You will likely raise your arm as high as your shoulder, so you reach over the guitar. It is an uncomfortable position, often painful, which puts you at a significant technical disadvantage. You won’t be able to move your fingers across the fingerboard as well as you should, so your music isn’t up to par.

In general, most adults are suited for full-sized guitars, including the 40-inch concert and the 41-inch dreadnought. The former is great if you’re on the petite side while the latter is for taller people.

Types Of Guitars Based On Size

These are the general categories of guitars based on their size.

  1. Mini guitars – These are known as half- and three-fourth guitars that are popular among children because of their small size.
  2. Travel guitars – These are the smallest acoustic guitars, so these are also lightweight about three pounds. A good example is the Guitalele 31 inch Guitarlele Mini Travel Guitar.
  3. Classical guitar – It is also called as the Spanish guitar. It has nylon strings that give their sound a soft and warm quality.
  4. Parlor guitars – These usually have 12 frets and are among the smallest steel-string guitars. The Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar is an example.
  5. Concert guitars (0) – These have six steel strings that give them a louder ye brighter sound.
  6. Grand concert guitars (00)- These guitars are larger and more expensive than concert guitars.
What Size Guitar Should I Get?

Some guitars are considered suitable for auditorium performances, thus, their designation. The auditorium guitar (000), for example, and the grand auditorium (0000/M) are excellent for flat-picking, finger-picking, and strumming.


To conclude, think of your guitar as your friend. If you choose it well, it will be your tool in bringing your music to the world!  A smart choice starts with getting it in the right size.

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