What Size Guitar For A 7-Year-Old? Finding the perfect size of the guitar is important especially for the younger generation. The size of the guitar affects the child’s growth and musicality in the long run. This helped them to be able to accumulate the perfect posture and the right placement when it comes to learning the chords and the stum.

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Knowing what your child can handle Is a very important factor. There is no fixed age for when a child should learn to play. You need to make sure that they can hold it properly without needing much help from others surrounding them.

Here are some of the top guitar brands that are perfect for younger kids starting from the age of 6 and up.

Yamaha JR1

What Size Guitar For A 7-Year-Old?

This is Yamaha’s compact and sturdy guitar, perfect for kids to hone their skills to be able to accomplish and achieve their highest level of musicality and playability. It has 20 frets with a 21 ¼ inch scale perfectly designed to accommodate small players.

This is made with spruce top, meranti back and sides and made of a Nato in the neck area. This Yamaha model made sure to pick the perfect wood quality that can produce authentic acoustic sounds. With its detailing on the side, you can be sure that this glossy top and satin finish will be a head-turner.

Crescent MG38-CF

What Size Guitar For A 7-Year-Old?

The Crescent MG38-CF model guitar is perfect for starters, with a 38-inch guitar with steel strings and wood frame composition, this gives a fully polished look that gives a vintage and classic look.

This one is perfect for playing blues on an acoustic guitar. It also offers a bright and loud tone with a very clear projection. And at a very decent tag, it comes with a digital tuner to help you with some tuning.

Yamaha CS40 II

What Size Guitar For A 7-Year-Old?

Another Yamaha model on the list, this just proves that this brand delivers perfectly depending on your needs. It’s a six-stringed nylon guitar with outstanding tone and quality without hurting your wallet.

The composition includes spruce top, meranti back and sides and the glossy finish is made with such good construction. The Nato neck and rosewood fingerboard makes a good combination to uplift the surfing up and down the fretboard. They are very easy on hands so this is perfect for kids out there.

Arcadia DL36NA

What Size Guitar For A 7-Year-Old?

This specific guitar brand offers stability and excellent resonance in any nylon string guitars. It resonates with such good performance featuring the finely grained spruce top and linden back and sides.

Arcadia is simple but it’s one up for grab. It’s versatile and good for beginners, a lot of kids will find it fun to play around and it’s lightweight and easy to handle.


Overall, the selection is quite a board and it can get pretty overwhelming as you dive in. But fear not as this list will help you find the best one out there. Yamaha JR1 is the best acoustic guitar for kids, it has a ¾ scale size perfect for most beginner kids. For a little older kid ranging from 10-23 onwards, the Yamaha JR2 is the best one out there. For budget-friendly guitars, Crescent will be the perfect one.

Getting your child into guitars is one of the best things you can do for them and they will be able to have that skill to cherish for the rest of their lives.

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