What Order Should I Learn Guitar?

Being able to play the guitar feels like you are one with nature. The tone that every string makes turns out to be a melodious singing of the birds.

It lets you loosen up your mind from the stresses tingling in your soul and ease whatever burden you might be carrying.

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That is why learning how to play such kind of instrument is a good way of expressing what is inside you and emancipating the emotions locked deep down your body.

But you have to learn the specific steps and incorporate them into your training, especially as a beginner.

Choose Your Guitar And Learn The Basic Chords

Of course, you have to choose first for your guitar that you think you will have a good connection with. It must suit your size and shape so you will feel comfortable in playing.

Then it would help if you familiarized the strings in your guitar. It is to make sure that you can follow your teacher or mentor. Also, it will be helpful when it comes to learning the basic chords.

Guitar chords are critical in playing the instrument, so it is better to start learning with the basics. Knowing the simple ones will take you smoothly to the difficult part.

Learn To Strum And Hold A Pick

In playing guitar, rhythm is mostly needed. And this is only possible if you know how to strum properly. In strumming, it does not require a lot of power.

You can play loud or smooth sounds just by the right amount of force in the strings. Also, knowing how to use a pick is necessary. You can use a softer pick first before getting a heavier one.

In holding a pick, it must be placed between your forefinger and thumb and make sure that the pointy edge of the pick can be seen.

Practice Smartly And With Patience

Learning is not always technical. It is not all about the physical communication between you and the guitar.

A huge part of this training involves your heart and mind being one. If you want to play the instrument, then you must be eager enough to practice with passion and goals.

Know why you are doing it because it will drive you to do better and be better. Patience is also one thing you should bear in mind.

No matter how discouraged you are or how tired you feel, if you have the patience to learn, then you will be just fine.


To conclude, the following order can be very helpful for you to achieve the skills in playing guitar.

It might be difficult at first, but if you have the determination to learn and seize the moment, then nothing will hinder you from doing it. Treat the guitar as part of your body, and everything follows.

You might encounter several negativities around you, so you should know how to break that. Playing guitar requires not just the ability to strum the strings; a big part of it involves the emotional connection between you and the instrument.

So, play with your mind and heart.

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