What Makes Martin Guitars So Expensive? A lot of people buy an expensive guitar for a lot of reasons. Either they are emotionally connected to the brand or they think that there’s something special on how they were made in terms of techniques. Most of them just have the money but some are just here for financial investment that eventually it will gain more value in time.

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One of the brands worth mentioning is Martin Guitars. For more than centuries, this guitar company has been continuously making a guitar that is acknowledged worldwide. They produce a high-quality model that exceeded expectations in the music industry. Here some of the factors why Martin Guitars is one of the expensive guitar models in the world.

Ancient Brand

This is not even hyperbole, Martin guitars have been in the business for more than centuries. It is one of the oldest manufacturing companies that distributes high-end guitars. They have been producing guitars since the pre-war era. If you heard the saying, “They don’t build ‘em like they used to”, well, Martin Guitars still build exactly like they used to. You get exactly what you expect from it in terms of high-end capacity and such exquisite presentation. This is in line with their authenticity as a brand and will continue to pass on generations to generations.

The Two L’s – Luthiers and Locations

One of the reasons why this particular brand is expensive is because of the location and its luthiers. North America, England, and Western Europe are the top location where these guitars are made. They produced high skilled luthiers that create uniquely designed using the very best of the materials.

Matin luthiers’ considered their guitars as art and not just an instrument. They take their time in crafting such intricate details in their guitars and apply them to every guitar they made to produce outstanding quality.

The Sound Test

All wood types can change how they sound in real life. A Martin Guitar is no exception and can easily exceed 6,135 USD because of the high quality of wood grain and the process called torrefaction in which wood is drained of all its water contents.

One thing to consider is that the price range and sound varies if it’s an acoustic rather than electric.  An acoustic guitar can only produce sound depending on its wood, while the electric guitar can heavily be influenced by other factors such as electronic signals and pickups.

The Sense Of Touch

The biggest difference between a Martin guitar to another brand model is the way they feel. There’s an undeniable satisfaction when you play a Martin 000X1AE, it’s like you’ve worn it for years and the feeling of familiarity and how it sounds are insanely good.

The way your hand rests at the bridge and your fretting hand moving along the neck is effortless with this guitar. The way a Martin guitar should feel is shown in its exterior, the way it fits all together smoothly and how the guitar outlives other brands is a good testament that this is worth buying for.


Overall, a guitar’s worth is what you’re willing to pay. Martin Guitars are the tip of the iceberg here. They will never go down in terms of price range as their value keeps on climbing up to the top because of legendary status. Some of Martin Guitars are even auctioned that can go up to a hundred thousand dollars.

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