What Is Tortex? Tortex is a type of plastic guitar pick that was manufactured by a company called Dunlop. Jim Dunlop was the one responsible for the creation of this particular pick as a good replacement of the tortoiseshell picks since there was an international ban in the 1970s.

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Tortex has been rising in the market as a lot of artists and bands became aware of it. A lot of bands even up to now still use this brand as it was tested through time like some of the notable bands such as Linkin Park and Nickelback. It became a global phenomenon and a lot of artists and musicians fell in love with it. Here’s why this particular guitar pick is perfect for you and why it matters.

Tortoiseshell Is Out, Tortex Is In

Tortex is designed specifically to mimic the ability of tortoiseshells to stay in the holder’s hand. This kind of material is perfect to avoid slipping or dropping picks. Dropping a pick in a live performance can be a serious problem as it will interrupt your performance especially when seated from pressure.


This brand of guitar picks is popular with guitarists because it won’t hurt your pocket and the amount spent on this instrument accessory is budget-friendly. A dozen picks cost only a few dollars and it has different customizations available for grab. During live performances, Dunlop Tortex gives these picks as a memento to all attendees.

Dunlop Tortex Standard Guitar Pick

What Is Tortex?

If you are looking for an extra tone, Tortex delivers deeper and specialized picks. Tortex Picks are extremely versatile with engaging appearance. It has the right amount of flexibility for a clear, snappy, and fluid strum. The attraction of Tortex as a musical paintbrush is universal, whether you are playing intense electric leads or strumming acoustic guitars. Countless bands from around the world have selected Tortex Picks to help them do what they love, showcasing every genre and style of play.

A Good Competitor

There’s no doubt that this particular brand is way up there in the market. Compared to other picks distributors such as Fender, Tortex wins it all. Celluloid picks sometimes produce a clicking sound when you play with your guitar, this sound is apparent with more weird guitar picks. With a Tortex pick, the sound is close to nothing and no extra sound produced. Another thing to look at, most celluloid are quite slippery and tend to wear out. With the Tortex material, it provides an extra grip and it lasts much longer than any other brand present.

The only complaint that Tortex gets to most of its consumers, is that the writing on the pick itself fades and wears off, but honestly, who would read that in a live performance.


To summarize, the Tortex Guitar pick is a well-known brand for one good reason – dependability. Famous bands from all over the world in different styles of music all gather to the durability and style of this guitar pick. From Red Hot Chilli Peppers to even Alanis Morissette, this Dunlop Tortex prick is one of the best worldwide.

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