What Is The Best Electric Guitar? Whether you have just begun learning or already an expert guitar hero, looking for the best electric guitar available is essential. You surely do not want to lose money over a guitar you might dislike, so now you’re wondering what electric guitar is worthiest to buy.

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There are many elements like appearance, sound quality, price, and professional features that one may be looking for in an electric guitar. There is no fixed answer to what is best. But this blog post would hopefully help you have a quick grip of ideas about the different guitar features available in the market.

Yamaha Pacifica Series Electric Guitar

What Is The Best Electric Guitar?

Let’s start with Yamaha Pacifica PAC112J Electric Guitar. This guitar is fashioned with an alder body, a maple bolt-on neck, rosewood fingerboard, and a vintage tremolo. It has a great tone and outstanding playability, constructed for various genres and playing styles.

Also, its overall feel, fit, and finish are excellently done. It outshines its purchase price. It also has premium strings, better quality tuners, and only one tone knob.

Ibanez Electric Guitar

What Is The Best Electric Guitar?

But if your budget screams a lower cost, Ibanez GRX series is upon your choice. Ibanez assures that their GRX series meets the quality electric guitar. The guitar features its Alder body, Maple GRX neck, with two power sound humbucking pickups, FAT 6 bridge, 22 medium frets, and rosewood fingerboard.

ESP LTD Electric Guitar

What Is The Best Electric Guitar?

If you have the budget and are willing to buy even at a high price, we have the ESP LTD EC-256 Electric Guitar. This guitar has exceptional details! It has a single-cutaway design with a mahogany body and neck and roasted jatoba fingerboard. It has a fully-bound body, neck, headstock, and Tom bridge. It is equipped with extra-jumbo frets, which are suitable for shred and faster music. 

It includes different volume controls for each pickup and tone knobs with a 3-way toggle switch. It features great-sounding passive pickups, excellent tone, and flexible sound.

Fender Solid-Body Electric Guitar

What Is The Best Electric Guitar?

If you can afford ESP’s, then good for you. But if you still want something at a lower price, you can check Fender’s.

Fender’s Squier is filled with professional features that even a veteran player can appreciate. That includes flexible tone capabilities, coziness, and striking aesthetics. It has three single-coil pickups that provide the Stratocaster tone, which has graced numerous recordings. Its vintage-style synchronized tremolo bridge offers accurate note intonation throughout the neck. It also has a “C”-shaped neck designed to fit the natural curve of the human palm, making it comfortable to play with any style. It provides all of the desirable aesthetics of the original Fender Stratocaster: the body shape, pickups, and Fender headstock shape! It is equipped with the best value in instrument design available today and is indeed a perfect choice for anyone who aspires to play electric guitar.

This electric guitar is included in Squier’s Affinity Series designed by Fender, one of the known manufacturers of stringed instruments and amplifiers. Its price is 30-dollar higher than Yamaha’s, but that’s a lot lower than ESP. Still great with its features, though.

If the guitar is for a total starter, you can also consider buying these beginner kits:

Stedman Pro Beginner Series Electric Guitar

What Is The Best Electric Guitar?

First is this Stedman Pro Electric Guitar. This full-size (39″) guitar is great for beginners and even kids. It is made from basswood, so it is lightweight. It features three pickup configurations suitable for a rock sound. It has a rosewood fretboard, a maple neck, and a classy pick-guard to prevent scratches on your instrument.

This pack even comes with a 10W amp with headphone jack & overdrive, a gig bag case, shoulder strap, electronic tuner, cable, picks, whammy bar, string winder, and polishing cloth – just essentials you will need to start playing.

Best Choice Products Beginner Electric Guitar Starter Kit

It is another electric guitar kit, which also comes with a full-size electric guitar, nylon gig bag, cord, pick, whammy bar, shoulder strap, replacement strings, and a 10W battery-powered amp. It is best for its portability.

The guitar is crafted with composite hardwood, which makes it durable. Its slender and solid wood body is shaped so you can easily control it even when you’re standing or sitting. It also has a striking glossy finish that adds up to its appeal.

The guitar features a pickup selector switch and three knobs for tone and volume. Also, it delivers an even tone that is ideal for rock and roll. It is an excellent choice for musicians of all levels, whether aspiring or expert. Its price is a bit lower than that of Stedman Pro’s.

Donner DST-1S Electric Guitar Kit Sunburst Package

This full-size (39″) electric guitar is perfect for beginners and intermediate players. It features its Ebony fingerboard, Canadian maple neck, Solid basswood body with fine arches, S-S-H pickups, one-way tremolo, chrome tuner keys, good quality brass strings, and PVC pickguard. It has 20 brass frets with fret position marks on the neck and top of the fingerboard. It delivers a smooth tone most ideal for rock and roll.

It even comes with a 3W mini electric guitar amplifier, gig bag, guitar strap, guitar capo, guitar strings, digital clip-on tuner and picks, accessories you will need to start playing.

Buying this doesn’t require a big investment, so if you’re looking for a good quality but inexpensive one, you can think about this. Even at an affordable price, you can be sure that it will last because they provide one year manufacturer’s warranty and customer service, too.

YMC Kids Electric Guitar Pack

The YMC Kid Series is an electric guitar on a shorter scale (30″ instead of 39″) intended for beginners, ideally for children’s play. It is included in this list in case you want a smaller scale guitar for your child. Not only is it affordable, but it will be fun for your child.

This guitar has a 20-inch scale with 21 frets, featuring a double-cutaway style basswood body, maple neck and fretboard, volume control knob, single-coil pickup, and hardtail chrome alloy bridge.

This Electric Guitar Pack is an excellent option for parents looking for a fun gift for their children. With this all-in-one convenient package, your kid could get everything he needs to play right away. It comes with a nylon carrying case for easy storage and portability. The pack is also equipped with a battery-powered 5-watt amplifier (but you still need to buy a 9V battery or AC adapter), cable cord, strap, picks, gig bag, extra strings, and a wrench.


To summarize, picking the best guitar is not easy. You have to be wise, so you should consider different things according to your preferences. A lot of aspiring guitarists go with the cheapest possible. On the other hand, others look after the authenticity of a brand.

As we hope this article helped push you a little closer to figuring the best electric guitar for you.

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