What Is Guitar Intonation? The word intonation is described as the rise and fall of the voice in speaking. It is also used in a stringed instrument that refers to a guitar’s pitch accuracy- the flatness and the sharpness of one’s instrument, notes being in tune along with the fretboard. Having a guitar that is not properly intonated is considered as a serious problem that a guitarist wouldn’t want to encounter when playing.

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An improper intonation may occur to these two main types of a guitar- acoustic and electric. Having a guitar that has improper intonation can be bought to a professional to have it set-up, prices range between $40-$100 depending on the type of the guitar.

Tools Needed For Guitar Intonation

Intonating your guitar is one meticulous work to do. It is because, just like in a machine, some things should be considered on why it won’t work correctly the way you want it to be. To make this work easier, some tools can help in the guitar’s proper intonation in no time.

Guitar Stroke Tuner

It is considered among the most critical tools that help in setting a guitar in proper intonation. It has the best performance, for it automatically displays notes and deviation from the center pitch and has long battery life. Prices of Stroke tuner range from $124.57-$139.99.

What Is Guitar Intonation?

Guitar Tuner

This fast and accurate tuner is considered too as the easiest tool to use to help tune one’s guitar. Just turn it on, clip it, and it’s ready to use because it directly detects the pitches that are coming from the guitar. Guitar tuner is cheaper than a stroke tuner that prices range from $18.95- 23.97.

What Is Guitar Intonation?

Truss Rod Wrenches

Adjusting your guitar neck is considered one way to have your guitar a proper intonation. Please take a look at this factor too, don’t worry about this tool fits perfectly to tuning pegs, scratch-free for it is made of rubber. This tool has a price range from $7.99-$14.99.

What Is Guitar Intonation?

Guitar Screw Driver Set

Consider adjusting your guitar’s bridges when you feel like it is out of tune. This tool will help you adjust the different types of guitar bridges with varying kinds of screwdrivers, Allen wrenches, and star key bits. Though it is sold by set, this price range from $34.95 -$44.99.

What Is Guitar Intonation?


In conclusion, having a proper guitar intonation will allow you to enjoy a good sounding guitar with your family and friends. For this reason, you should have your guitar checked too or have a maintenance check just like any other musical instrument. When a guitar is new, and you can’t make a proper intonation, have it checked by a professional. You may also call a friend for help or try to go back to the seller.

These tools are essential when you want to have proper intonation. But there is no harm in seeking some professionals advice first before you decide on what tools to buy.

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