What Is An Acoustic-Electric Guitar? For acoustic guitar performers, an acoustic-electric guitar is most likely their choice. This instrument is an acoustic guitar that integrates a microphone or a magnetic or piezoelectric pickup. Acoustic-electric guitars are also known as plug-in acoustic guitar, given that they can be plugged to a guitar amplifier or soundboard without requiring microphones. You can use them for different music genres that are applicable for acoustic guitars but with more volume.

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Acoustic-Electric Guitars For Live Performances

Acoustic-electric guitars are ideal to use for live performances. Compared to semi-acoustic guitars, this musical instrument features a distinct design that is more like an electric guitar that has sound champers within its body.

Commonly, acoustic-electric guitars come with a built-in piezoelectric pickup that also features different types of controls. For this reason, it needs a preamplifier inside the primary guitar amplifier.

Typically, acoustic-electric guitars feature a slightly thinner sound compared to acoustic guitars. On the other hand, it is relatively useful for live performances, given that they don’t need to use mics.

The use of mics during live performances can cause feedback problems. Aside from that, the performer is restricted from moving around.

Acoustic-electric guitars also provide more options for the user. It is made possible by the built-in tuner, volume control, and EQ on it.

The Difference Between Acoustic And Acoustic-Electric Guitars

These two instruments have more similarities than differences. So, here, I will be discussing some of the variations of acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars:


Acoustic-electric guitars feature a built-in preamplifier as well as input. It means that just like an electric guitar, you can connect a lead into the musical instrument. This capability allows you to play the guitar using an amplifier. You may also plug it in so you can record music if you don’t have recording microphones or any mic.

Aside from that, most acoustic-electric guitars also feature a pre-installed volume and EQ control. You can adjust these controls from your guitar without having to tweak anything on your amplifier.

Cutaway Body Shape

Usually, acoustic-electric guitars have a cutaway in the guitar body. It is because the cutaway can change the sound’s character as well as reduce its resonance and volume.


Comparing acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars from the same manufacturer may show that the latter is priced higher. It is because of the electronic additions that acoustic-electric guitars have.

What Is An Acoustic-Electric Guitar?

For guitar players who want to own one, some of them under $200 acoustic-electric guitars you can find are Donner DAG-1CE, Ibanez V70CE, and Oscar Shmidt OG10CE.

What Is An Acoustic-Electric Guitar?


In conclusion, acoustic-electric guitars are the best option for guitar players who needs an acoustic guitar that suits live performances. It looks similar to an acoustic guitar only that it comes with a built-in pickup or microphone in its body. While having a relatively higher price compared to acoustic guitars, you may also find a wide range of high-quality but less expensive options. Today, acoustic-electric guitars are among the most cost-efficient option for guitar players who play for live performances.

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