What Is A Slide Guitar? Also known as the bottleneck, a guitar slide is one of the must-have guitar accessories for players who want to captivate the country and blue-style genres. A guitar slide is a small tube that slips onto your finger, usually the pinky or the ring-finger, to create a glissando effect and deep vibratos. Considering this is just a small object, it’s incredible to think how much it can change the whole vibe and tune of your sound.

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Here is the list of the best guitar slides on the market today. We will be highlighting its structure and taking a more detailed look at slides and what to watch out for when buying one.

Dunlop 210 Tempered Glass Slide

What Is A Slide Guitar?

We will start with this simple white guitar slide from Dunlop. While most of the models can be seen through Dunlop’s catalog, this 210 Tempered Glass Slide offers a medium size wall thickness and a diameter fitting an 11 ring size.

This product is made of heat-treated glass that’s gives its flawless yet straightforward appearance. It is very durable and won’t break if you drop it. This only cost 5.99 USD, for a budget guitar slide, this shows a remarkable value.

Fender Steel Slide

What Is A Slide Guitar?

This Fender Steel Slide is an all-metal type of guitar slide that comes from a widely reputable brand. It is purely made of well-polished steel. It has a length of 2.4 inches and a slim-finger friendly diameter of 0.75 inches.

This product offers an edgier look and quite shiny with a familiar metallic zing that comes from the steel. It only cost 5.69 USD, from a metal perspective, this is a must-have.

D’Addario Rich Robinson Brass Slide

What Is A Slide Guitar?

It is actually on this list because of the demand it gets from the consumers. This collaboration merchandise is between D’Addario and Rich Robinson of Black Crowes.

On the outside, it just gives you a quite simple slide made out of brass with its signature RR emblem. However, on the inside, you can see that it is tapered, which is perfect for your finger as it fits perfectly and offers control. It is quite pricey but not too expensive as it starts at 19.99 USD.

Clayton Pork Knuckle Ceramic

What Is A Slide Guitar?

Admittedly, this Clayton Pork Knuckle Ceramic slide has lived up to its name. Starting with the basics, this guitar slide is made up of ceramics, which glides perfectly across the strings. If you’re so keen on the outside design, take a look at its inside. The Pork Knuckle features a ribbing pattern that fits adequately at your fingertips.

This product is fitting on players who have a ring size of 12 to 13. In terms of the sound, the heavyweight offers excellent volume and sustainability. It cost only 11.98 USD.


Overall, this list includes some pros and cons when trying to find the perfect guitar slides. It is up to you on which one is perfect for your fingertips. Guitar slides are fun and tend to be very affordable, so there’s nothing that can hold you back from buying a couple to try out.

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