What Is A Guitar Capo? The word “capo” is derived from the Italian word Capotasto, which means the nut of stringed instruments. It is a small device that is used by guitar players to change and simplify songs, letting them play in different keys. Stringed Instruments that you can use a capo are guitars, mandolins, mandolas, banjos, ukeleles, and bouzoukis.

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A Guitar capo is useful to musicians. But when buying a guitar it doesn’t always include capo as it is sold separately. Prices of a guitar range from $122 to $135, depending on what type you are looking for. On the other hand, the guitar capo price ranges from $7.99-$19.23 depending on its types and uses.

Different Types Of Guitar Capo

A guitar capo is one of the essential devices for guitar players because it provides different dimensions of creativity in playing. Meanwhile, buying a guitar capo isn’t an easy task because there is a lot to consider including where you will use it, the level of quality you want, and many more.

Spring-loaded Capo

This type of capo is one of the simplest that ever been made. It is straightforward to use when you put it on and remove it from the guitar. It is because it already holds the six strings of the guitar, whether it is electric or a classical type. That is why many guitarists prefer to buy this type as it only allows them to use one hand just like a simple clamp. Price ranges from $14.99- $19.25.

What Is A Guitar Capo?

C-Clamp Capo

When doing some live music streaming, C-clamp capos are highly recommended. It is because it is excellent in producing great sounds. After all, the pressure exerted on the string can be adjusted at all times. However, there is more effort when putting it on & removing to a guitar. Prices of C-Clap Capos range from $14.99-$22.01.

What Is A Guitar Capo?

Toggle Capo

This super easy-to-use & lightweight type of capo is very affordable for everyone available in the market. It is not complicated to use in a guitar as it is easy to put & remove. The pressure & pressure distribution of a toggle taco is inconsistent & decent at its best at the same time. Since it is easy to find this type of capo, many of this is available in the market, of course, at affordable prices from $5.99 – $10.82. It can be recommended for practice or home-use.

What Is A Guitar Capo?


In conclusion, a capo is an essential device when you have a guitar, whether its electrical or classical. However, you should consider some factors when buying one. Listing down and doing some researches about different types of a capo is a crucial step to end up with the right capo for your instrument. You can also seek help from some expert friends on what capo is fit or best for your type of guitar.

Capo isn’t always necessary. But the thing is, it can make guitar playing easier due to its capabilities. It can simplify chords for you by modifying the structure of your guitar without literally doing so.

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