What Is A Good Age To Start Guitar Lessons? The real question is when you will be ready to learn to play guitar. Most parents are asking their kids this question before beginning to take guitar lessons. Forcing them will not produce results and will greatly affect your finances as well. In our opinion, a child at least six years old is ready to learn to play guitar.

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One thing to consider in choosing the right age to start guitar lessons is the size of the instrument. Younger kids may still lack hand strength to carry a huge guitar, which requires dexterity. There are ½ size guitars perfect for ages 5 to 8 years. They should feel comfortable with the instrument to enjoy practicing.

A Good Age To Start Guitar Lessons Explained

Having an idea of when to teach a child to play guitar is necessary to keep the flow smooth and productive. It is a routine work on which a child must undergo with patience and passion at heart. It demands to memorize of chords, scales, and songs that are not that easy to do.

Guitar lessons usually happen in a class of various ages of kids. Parents must remind their kids to be patient and responsible enough to cope up with the lessons not to fall behind other kids. You can tell whether a child is ready for it or not on the first day of guitar lessons. If that happens, do not force the kid to continue, for it may result in worst scenarios.

Things to Consider

Consider the following information to know whether your kid is appropriate to begin attending guitar lessons or not yet:


The best age to begin attending guitar lessons is beyond six. According to most instructors, younger than that age has difficulty to learn formal guitar lessons. Their level of concentration is not so serious, but with proper teaching, all will be well.

Fine Motor Skills

Since hands are the most useful part of the body to play guitar, a child must have developed hand dexterity. It will lead to frustration when it is not well-prepared for guitar lessons.

A Minimum Of 15-minute Attention Span

A child must be attentive to every lesson for a significant time. Some kids might be playful, and so the best thing to do is to wait for the right age when they calm down. They must have an interest in playing the guitar. If not interested, find another hobby on where they could pour out their passion.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, there are many other approaches you can apply to start guitar lessons on a younger age bracket. Lend them a guitar in open D tuning to play with. Monitor the kid and never allow them to smash the guitar. You can play guitar together with the kids to encourage them to strum their guitar as well. Applaud them whenever they make a sound as a motivation for them to get better. Overall, learning to play guitar can be done at home with patience and consistency at an age beyond six.

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