What Is A Cutaway Guitar? When talking about acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars, cutaway bodies get the most interest. In terms of appearance, all solid body guitars include at least one cutaway. It means a body shape like flying V guitar that does not intrude to the guitar’s upper neck region. The benefit of a cutaway in a guitar is to make the upper frets more accessible to the user.

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Among the most popular guitar models with cutaway, usually denoted using the suffix C, are the Maton CW80C and the Gibson L5C.

Two Main Types Of Cutaways

Observe the following types of cutaways bellow:

Florentine Cutaway

A Florentine cutaway is a form that comes to a sharp point, resulting in its horn-like appearance. For craftsmen, it is more labor-intensive and complex to do compared to the Venetian cutaway. The reason behind this is that Florentine cutaway’s body is originally non-cutaway. To transform it into a Florentine cutaway, a section of the treble-side upper part is removed.

Venetian Cutaway

Another type of cutaway on a guitar is the Venetian, characterized by a rounded bout. It is most recognized by having soft, round lines, and it varies based on the guitar’s shape. For the grand symphony, grand concert, and grand auditorium guitars have a steeper slope. On the other hand, jumbo and dreadnought guitars feature a bit flatter slope.

Number Of Cutaway

There are so-called “single cutaway” musical instruments, the ones that have only a lower cutaway. Meanwhile, guitars that come with both are labeled as “double cutaway.” As years passed by, these terms are changed to “single cut” or “double cut” like how it is in the model name for electric guitars having solid bodies that are called “PRS Singlecut.”

Here are two of the most popular single and double-cutaway guitars that you can find today:

Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar

What Is A Cutaway Guitar?

This single-cutaway electric guitar features a maple neck with a large headstock. It comes with three single-coil Stratocaster pickups along with five-way switching. This guitar comes with twenty-two frets in a rosewood or maple fingerboard. To top it all, it boasts an elegant finish, making it a must-have for those who value aesthetics.

Gibson Les Paul Junior Tribute DC

What Is A Cutaway Guitar?

Another aesthetic single cutaway guitar is the Gibson Les Paul Junior Tribute DC. It has a solid body, having Junior Les Paul double-cut body shape and six strings. Aside from that, it is available both for right and left-handed individuals. It is ebony-colored, making it a stunning addition to your guitar collections.


To conclude, cutaway guitars are unique guitar variations that are not only attractive but also advantageous depending on the user. For guitar players who wish to have better access to the higher frets of their guitar, choosing Florentine cutaway guitars is an ideal option. It is aside from parlor guitars that are only available for the acoustic type of this stringed instrument. When selecting the right cutaway guitar for you, make sure to consider the benefits and drawbacks of all its varieties.

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