What Is A Classical Guitar? A classical guitar, also known as a nylon-string guitar, is a type of guitar that is commonly used in classical music. This instrument is an acoustic wooden guitar that uses a wide variety of wood tones to produce a very distinct high-end sound. It has strings that are either made of gut or nylon. Aside from that, it has an open headstock with some tuning pegs that are perfectly perpendicular to its fretboard.

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This type of guitar is on a smaller scale and has an hourglass body shape. Whether you are a professional guitarist, an enthusiastic student, or a total novice, this list will help you to figure out your ideal nylon-stringed guitar.

Kremona Verea Cutaway

What Is A Classical Guitar?

Starting with a budget-friendly brand, this Kremona model only cost 798.98 USD. Verea Cutaway is first on this list, with an excellent electronics and a lavish cutaway and a lovely neck, this is a musician’s dream.

This sophisticated guitar boost with a tonewoods quality, mesmerizing designs, and a beautifully rich sound that is perfect when you’re playing. The design of it with a cedar top, wooden binding, and intricate rose pattern is a must-have.

Taylor 114ce-N

What Is A Classical Guitar?

While Taylor is a brand associated with premium streel-string models, this iconic top brand delivers a high range nylon-stringed classical guitar – the 114ce-N. This guitar cost 999 USD with a typical Taylor grand-auditorium boy that features a Sitka spruce top combined with a sleek mahogany neck, treble-side cutaway, and an ebony fretboard.

This product features Taylor’s very own ES-N electronic, which consists of simple controllers that will deliver an amplified sound, rich melody, and a typical nylon tune.

La Patrie Etude Guitar

What Is A Classical Guitar?

The Etude is from a Canadian Manufacturer, Godin’s La Patrie imprint. This guitar is another brand that deserved to make it on this list. It demonstrates diverse tonal quality, elegance, and playability. The affordable price tag is just a bonus that only starts at 399 USD.

This guitar is made of laminated cherry from the sides and all the way to back, capped with exceptional quality of a cedar top. The craftsmanship that is present in this quality wood produces a classic tone, rich bass, and warmth trebles.

Yamaha C40II

What Is A Classical Guitar?

This classical guitar is one of the cheapest from this list and the newest model to be released by Yamaha. Since replacing the C40, At under two hundred bucks, 149.99 USD, to be exact, this type of guitar offers simplicity and tone quality.

With a low price range, the other features are kept to a minimum, especially the bells and whistles. However, this Yamaha model still gives you the best quality of the wood body, the amount of effort for its craftsmanship is high, and the neck has a spacious quality.


The main things to consider when you’re looking for a classical guitar for yourself are your skill level, budget, and the kind of sound that you want. Classical guitars are meant to be enjoyed and celebrated. This type of guitar offers a variety of brands, musicality, and playability.

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