What Is A Baritone Guitar? A baritone guitar is a string instrument with a longer scale length. Typically it has a bigger body structure and heavier internal capacity, which is vital to produce a lower pitch. A typical baritone guitar usually has a scale of 28.5”, due to its scale, this type of guitar uses thicker strings.

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Baritone guitars had a bad reputation in the music industry. But lately, they are becoming well-known in contemporary music such as heavy metal, rock, funk, and jazz. Gone are the days that this type of guitar is being considered an outsider. Most bands like to include baritone as an instrument to enhance their musicality.

3 Of The Best Baritones

Here are some of the baritone guitars that are hot in the market today. This list features overall price range, features, and music style to help you determine which one is right for you.

Alvarez ABT60ESHB Artist Series Baritone Shadowburst Acoustic Guitar

What Is A Baritone Guitar?

If you think that electric baritone guitars aren’t for you, then you are in luck. It is because this Alvarez model from Artist series is the kind of baritone guitar that produces the sounds of an acoustic. This product is budget-friendly, costing about 499 USD, and it incorporates the Shadowburst design.

This Alvarez model is made of rosewood fingerboard together with an elastic bridge that gives the player better playability that perfect for beginners and professionals. It has an attractive design, a very dependable and convenient volume ad control adjustments.

Ibanez RGIB6 Iron Label RG Baritone Guitar

What Is A Baritone Guitar?

Ibanez Iron Tag RGIB6 baritone guitar is the baritone guitar of the future. From the looks of it, many find it intimidating, but that is part of it all, this guitar is exceptionally functional and road-ready. It is Ibanez made for metal guitar series, and these particular RG series are the epitome of the Ibanez legacy.

This product features a basswood body, jatoba fingerboard with jumbo frets, Gibraltar Standard II bridge, and its very own 28 scale Nitro Wizard Baritone neck for full, rich tone and solid intonation. It cost 699.99 USD, this guitar will add a new depth of low-end punch in every ensemble.

Hagstrom Viking Deluxe Baritone

What Is A Baritone Guitar?

Making it to the list is the Hagstrom Viking Deluxe Baritone, the guitar of the 21st century. Hagstrom, who developed and produced this fantastic guitar, introduces a Viking fretboard. It is made from a proprietary composite material that provides a sustainable and traditional texture way more powerful than the regular ones. This composite material doesn’t affect the overall playability of this guitar, and it eliminates the ethical issues related to some high-end fretboard, which made out of rosewood or ebony.

The clean tones in Viking baritone are one of its best qualities. Aside from that, they gifted all the musicians a full-bodied baritone that can create smooth jazz, arpeggios, and finger choosing tones and just being immersed in the audio. It cost like 899.99 USD, not on the budget-friendly side but into an eco-friendly one.


In conclusion, baritones are becoming more popular, and there are so many choices that you can find. These entries are about narrowing down and highlighting all possible options that you can get. Whether you’re into a high-end brand or just the basic ones, always remember that it is not one size fits all. Explore and have fun choosing!

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