What Does A Guitar Capo Do? One of the most commonly acoustic and electric guitar accessories is the capo. Which means, head in Italian. A capo is a small accessory that is clamp onto the neck of the guitar. It shortens the length of the strings, causing it to raise their pitch. This type of attachment is beneficial for guitar players because it provides control and allows them to change the key of a song while still in the standard open position.

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Capos come in many different sizes and shapes but only has one purpose. It is to shorten the vibration produced by the open strings. There are some great reasons why guitar players use this kind of accessory. Here is the most common and essential usage of a capo.

Changes The Key Of The Song

The largest numbers of capo users are mainly guitar players who also sing or accompany singers. Using this device, a guitarist can play any chords they already know, but with a different key. It is helpful because they can cut the need for bar chords or play less-familiar chords in their guitar.

For example, a singer prefers a less-guitar friendly key, which is E-flat. The guitarist can use a capo to change the tuning of the strings. Then they can use the basic open-position guitar chords to make it sound like a key in the E-flat.

Brighten The Tone Of The Guitar

A lot of guitarist uses capo for the reason that has nothing to do with the singer’s vocal capability. If you place the capo high enough in the neck of the guitar, it produces a brighter sound and can sound more like a mandolin.

Capos are very useful for two guitarists who are playing together. The variations in timbre between the two musical instruments create a striking effect. This kind of technique is very popular in folk-guitar playing, as it gives a very intricate sound.

Leaves Your Finger Less Sore

One of the good things about playing in the higher up neck of the guitar is that it is a little easy on the fingers. The amount of pressure needed to fret a note at the 6th fret rather than the 1st fret is significantly less.

Using a capo in the first fret means that there’s not much pressure needed because they don’t have to stretch and move their fingers a lot, and they are more relaxed.

Making The Song Sound better

Most of the time, the arrangement of the original song sounds excellent. But when you incorporate the guitar chords alone, it suddenly doesn’t sound right. It could be possible that in the original arrangement, there wasn’t a guitar involvement, and the chords don’t fit. It is an excellent way to incorporate a capo and change the chords so that they blend and sound beautiful while still playing in the same key.


In conclusion, a capo is every guitar player’s must-have item. Capos are relatively cheap and easy to find in any local music stores and online stores and retailers. Now that you have learned what a capo is and how to use one, you are one step closer to becoming a master guitarist.

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