What Are The Parts Of An Electric Guitar? When you first got your electric guitar, the amount of excitement will pour in and you are so ready to begin your musical journey and be a Rockstar. But it is important to know the parts and its use to fully utilize the electric guitar.

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The headstock is located at the very end of the guitar, this flat wood holds the tuners also known as hardware assembly. Normally you can find the logo of the brand here.


This part of the guitar is the producer of different variations of the pitch when applying tension to the strings. These strings are wrapped in each post and the post is connected to the headstock.


​The nut is responsible for holding the strings in its place.


The strings of an electric guitar are one of the most important parts of the instrument. Strings, in general, produce the tone that is needed from the whole musicality aspect and different variations of pitch.


Frets are the pieces of metal found on the fretboard. When playing a chord, you push the strings with your hand against a space between metal fret pieces. This will produce a change of pitch and stop the vibration.

Fret Markers

Fret markers are basically the dot you see in your guitar. This helps players to figure out their location in the fretboard.


​A fretboard which is commonly known as fingerboard is a wood type material and it is located in the top part of the neck where the frets can be found. This is where you place your hand to produce the chords.


A bar is located on the other end of the guitar and this is where the vibration of the strings stopped. Attached to the bridge, this metal rod helps vary string tension.

Pickup Selector And Pickups

The pickup selector is a switch that figures out the pickup to be activated. Pickups are magnets that produce an electrical current. These pickups convert sound waves into sound. In hindsight, it serves as a microphone for your electric guitar.


A bridge can serve many purposes, it is a metal plate that secures the strings to the body of the guitar. Changing the intonation of the guitar can be done by making some adjustments to the bridge.


​The body is the main part of any type of guitar. It creates a playing environment and incorporates the bridge assembly and the electronics, which are made up of pickups, tone, and volume control.

Volume And Tone Controls

These are knobs found in the body of an electric guitar, they are the one responsible for the loudness and the frequencies of the guitar.

Output Jack​

The output jack is where all the signal that was picked by the pickups will eventually go to the amp or another electronic device.


Overall, there are so many variations of electric guitar parts, but here are some basic parts that you need to know to be able to start with your very first electric guitar.

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