What Are The Most Important Tips When Starting To Play Acoustic Guitar? Getting your first guitar is pretty exhilarating. As soon as you pick it up, you tend to strum it, and you want to learn all the tips and tricks, everything as fast as you can. However, many beginners encounter potential blocking, and if not properly addressed, it will hinder the progress and resulted in boredom and lack of interest.

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The common problem with novice players is impatience. If you looked up to the best players in the world, they all would share one thing in common – proper technique. Meaning to say they are applying all those basic requirements for playing great guitar.

Here are some essential tips for learning how to play guitar with good technique. Some of these are on the apparent scale, while others are the result of longevity.

No Need For Speed

Trying to learn fast will not do you any good. Good technique comes with accurate fingering and hitting the right notes all the time, especially when you are trying to achieve a tricky chord. Concentrate on the precise fingering.

The important thing here is to master the right way of playing, and the speed will come out naturally. If you try to learn to fast and pressure yourself, you will end up getting tired, and this will come down to a poor technique. Always take your time and do it at your own pace.

Follow The Correct Fingering

Throughout centuries, experts have long figured the proper way to play certain chords and scales with their corresponding finger placements on the fretboard.

Through practice, you will be able to figure out things on your own to make it easier for you to master these placements, but do not be tempted. The correct placement of fingers is not just about playing the chords or scale properly. Adding different variations should be considered too. You need to be aware of your finger placement on the fretboard and your hand’s position for scales.

Silent Rehearsing

Learning how to play the guitar takes a lot of patience and discipline. It’s not wrong to take a step back and still have a life. Don’t feel bad about it. A lot can be done by just holding a guitar. You can place your finger and keep on swapping from one chord to another, you’re still training your hand movements – it’s a solid practice.

Discipline Yourself

Nothing beats like setting a regular schedule of when you will get your guitar and practice. Even if it is only 10 minutes per day, it can help you to improve. Good technique can come from your mind to your fingers. Familiarize yourself with how it is all supposed to work, particularly in those hard, tricky chords. It also helps if you set aside some time and develop good playing habits.


To conclude, these tips are here for your guidance, and it is up to you to follow them. A lot of novice players still make simple mistakes. The ultimate goal here is to get the basics right and always follow the proper technique from the very beginning. You will be a great player rather than just a good one.

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