Tricks to Act Like You Know How To Play Guitar ~ Playing the guitar is not as easy as you think. If you are a beginner, learning all the things you need about playing guitar may last up to 3 months. Some of which is learning how to arrange chords, play with bends, and know to play with proper notes. A lot that a mind should absorb, but don’t worry as there are tips on how to make it look like you know.

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There are listed tricks online and video tutorials that will help you look like a pro in playing the guitar. These tricks are also considered as one effective way to learn to play the guitar in a shorter time. It will allow you to be familiar with the essential things that will be needed in playing the guitar. Even the most successful guitarist has tried these tricks and help them learn to play more easily.

Playing The Guitar Like A Pro

Though it may sound unrealistic, these tricks will help you play the guitar like a Pro. You can even trick your friend that you already know how to play the guitar even you just purchased it a week ago. By using these tricks, they will be amazed by how well you mastered the crucial things just in time.


There are three essential elements in a slapping trick. The first one is you slap the thumb of your right hand over the pickups. Second is you used multiple fingers of the left hand to the strings over the fretboard. Third, pluck the notes using the available finger on the right hand. Using this trick, you can use this to combine the rhythms that you would want to make.


Tapping happens when one hand tap a string and alternate with the notes played by the left hand. There are also three ways of tapping: tap, tap-off, tap-off. Other ways to tap are the use of your right-hand fingers, the use of open strings, and different rhythms. Sound complicated, but you can search for video tutorials, so you can fully understand.

Open String Runs

In this trick, you can use the technique of descending and ascending scales while using open strings in playing. You can take a scale and substitute to as many fretted notes as you want with open strings. This trick will also let you start off descending the G Mixolydian scale from G, F, E, D, C, B, A, G, respectively. When you alternate fretted notes with open strings, it will create a sound of awesomeness.


To conclude, using tricks on how to play the guitar like a Pro is okay. Some may find it funny, but it is one way on how to learn to play the guitar more easily. There are lots of videos that can also prove that using tricks when playing the guitar has an advantage. You have to carelessly pick which one suits your preference in terms of playing the guitar.

Some applications will also help you in your learning journey. You can download and play with it at the same time. Learning to play the guitar is not a joke. But with these tricks, you can tell yourself that it is useful because it is a matter of familiarization to things that may seem complicated to you as a beginner.

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