Is Yousician Really Free? Yousician is an app developed to teach users how to play music. It is available to download for free in Google Play or the Apple Store using your mobile phone or tablet. It is the modernized way of technology to music education, and it teaches you to master the guitar instead of using a game controller.

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Yousician listens to the music it can pick up through your device’s microphone, and it will give you real-time feedback on your screen. Regardless of your instrument, either an acoustic or electric guitar, Yousician is compatible with any instrument without any special pieces of equipment. The app is filled with lots of songs and exercises, depending on your level and skills. It is also compatible with any major platform available, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Modern Way Of Teaching

Yousician is one of the largest music educators. It has reported having 25 million of people using this app in just a span of its four years journey. It seems hard to beat by a typical ordinary music school.

How Exactly It Works

Yousician is essentially a sight-reading guitar. It makes a tabulator that is synchronized in the backing of a track song. If you’re able to hit the notes successfully, you will be able to pass the level, and paying attention to your proper timing and chords will earn you a spot in the leaderboard. It will give you enough practice to enhance more on your timing skills and how to hit the right note or a chord. You can always replay the level until you’re comfortable enough to dive into the next one.

App Mechanics

Yousician is divided into three modes: missions, song, and challenges. The mission mode will walk you through a series of exercises based on your skill level. Once you are familiar with the basics, mastered the playing technique, and built up picking speed, you can proceed to the next round.

The song mode is an excellent feature of the app. This section allows Yousician users to share their own songs that will generate a tablature. It is important because you don’t want to be overshadowed by some of the artists by just playing their music, you can incorporate your own and start developing your skills in music writing.

The last one is the challenge mode. This section features weekly challenges with new Yousician-composed songs that will be available in different versions, from beginner level to advance level. It is a good practice so you can slow down the tack for a better understanding of the chords and a set of a looper to focus on the difficult part of the songs.


To conclude, Yousician is free to play forever since this is a free app. It also has limitations. You can only play around for about 20 minutes daily or just one lesson. They offer a premium subscription for unlimited playing that will cost you 9.99 USD per month for a yearly subscription and 19.99 USD for a monthly subscription.

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