Is Violin Harder Than Guitar? Music is a very diverse topic, and it is very dynamic, especially if you incorporate musical instruments. It will change its whole purpose and will give you better sound and beautiful melodies. However, it does not apply to all. A lot of times, you need to learn these musical instruments to the core, and it could be a problem for some people.

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It is hard to answer the question of which one is harder to play because it’s an ongoing debate in the music industry. Mainly because, to learn how to play one good musical instruments, you need a lot of practice and self-discipline to be able to master a pleasant tone and musicality.

A lot of players will go straight to the guitar as their answer. It is because you can learn the basic techniques and you will be able to produce a good amount of sound that is pleasing in the ear while it takes a lot of control and defines a method to produce a violin sound. Here are some of the key differences between playing guitars versus playing the violin:

Difference in Frets

Guitars have frets while the violin doesn’t. In terms of learning, usually, instruments that come with frets are easier for beginners. Guitar frets can help a person when trying to familiarize themselves with chords. It is very helpful to know where you at so your mind can cope up with different frets and your hand placement.

On the other hand, violins don’t have frets. You need to form a high-level skill to be able to play a particular note with exact precision and sound. With just a little movement, you will end up producing a higher or a lower note.

This difference is needed to be discussed as playing with violin chords can lead players to errors because finger placements are the most important thing to achieve when it comes to playing the violin.

Finger Versus Bow

As you noticed, you can’t use your other hand in playing the violin. In guitars, you can strum or pluck using your fingers or guitar picks, but in violins, you have to use a bow. The bow is responsible for making the sound loud and full. Playing the violin with limited control over the volume can be a little tricky.

Body Posture

Posture is vital, especially when you’re playing the violin. You will see a lot of performers doing movements while their violin is between their chin and shoulder. It is the proper way to hold on the instruments to achieve the desired sound. This playing posture, compared to the one playing the guitar, is way more intense, and it can damage your ear easily.


Overall, the violin is harder to play than the guitar. Guitars come with a lot of advantages over the violin. It is most fitted for beginners, and you have a lot of resources to participate or even learn it for yourself. At the same time, the violin can be disheartening and complicated, to begin with.

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