Is It Normal For New Strings To Buzz? One of the most common problems with guitars is fret buzz. This issue happens when the string vibrates against the guitar’s fret, producing an annoying buzzing sound. Most people are wondering if it is normal for newly bought strings to buzz after installation. If you are asking the same question, here is a short read for you.

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Is it normal for new strings to buzz? No, it is not normal for new guitar strings to produce a buzzing sound. Observe if your old string didn’t buzz, it means that your new guitar strings have a lighter gauge or the fretboard of the guitar is too flat.

Causes Of Fret Buzz

Fret buzz can be an annoying guitar issue, especially if you are about to perform during a live concert. If you have new guitar strings and still produces a buzzing sound, here is a list of the common causes of fret buzz that you should avoid:

Frets Are Not Leveled

A guitar should consist of frets that are leveled for each other. So if your strings produce a buzzing sound, whether they are old or new, check the frets if they have the same height.

Is It Normal For New Strings To Buzz?

You can correct uneven frets by filling their tops a little or by sanding. Afterward, you can round the frets to their original profiles. You may also replace the frets with a new, even ones such as this Acoustic Guitar Fret Wire.

Is It Normal For New Strings To Buzz?

Neck Doesn’t Have Enough Relief

Another possible reason why your new guitar string produces a buzzing sound is that the guitar neck may not have enough relief. A guitar neck is designed to be nearly straight, but not completely.

The dip in the middle of the guitar neck is called neck relief. If the guitar neck has a dip in the middle, it means that the neck has a “forward bow.” But if the neck has a hump instead of a dip, then it has a “forward bow.”

Low String Action

String action is the guitar string’s height that is measured at a particular fret. Usually, string action is measured at the first, twelfth, and seventeenth fret of the guitar. But different guitarists have a unique preference in terms of their guitar string’s action.

Some guitar players opt for a relatively high string action. On the other hand, other guitarists prefer having a very low string action called “slammed” action. To measure the action of your guitar’s strings, take note of this String Action Gauge from AZMUSIC. It will allow you to keep your guitar on its top playing condition with its versatile and simple features.

Is It Normal For New Strings To Buzz?


To conclude, a new guitar string is not normal to buzz. But when it does, it indicates that your string might have a lighter gauge, low string action, doesn’t have enough neck relief, or the guitar’s frets are uneven. To keep your guitar playing on its best sound, make sure to check its strings for possible issues. The things that are discussed earlier are among the most common causes of fret buzz along with their possible fix, so make sure to take note and implement them accordingly.

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