Is Guitar Easier Than Piano? Learning music is never an easy task either you’re a beginner or a professional player. A lot of professional players still encounter difficulties managing different instruments either a guitar or a piano, nevertheless, beginners will find it intimidating on where to start and how to start in the first place.

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Learning either a guitar or a piano will always be dependent on the student’s interest and skills. Aside from that, there are pros and cons to learning each instrument first and it will always boil down to the student’s interest particularly in the sound they want to create and the music they want to emulate.

In this article, the focus will be on learning guitars and piano and why these instruments are perfect for novice musical enthusiasts.

Piano Vs Guitars

A piano is easier to learn because of its key and pattern. It doesn’t have strings and the white and black keys represent different sounds. All you have to remember are proper combinations to make the different keys sound different.

Guitars, on the other hand, have an upper value when it comes to portability and you can get them for as low as $200. You have different options depending on your capability. Either it may be acoustic or electric. Guitars are easier to bring as well as they come in different shapes and sizes.

Pop Culture Mainstream Influence

Most of the beginners nowadays prefer a guitar over the piano, mainly because it is the mainstream media polarizing the use of this particular instrument. From digital gaming to music videos, guitars are always focused on the scene occupying a higher spot in pop culture.

Guitars are heavily focused on different bands and rock and roll fans. That is why it has been viewed as part of the coolness factor and a lot of kids at a very young age aspire to be one.

Technical Partition

There’s a great division from a technical standpoint, this involves kids participation in the said activity, pianos are kids friendly. In just one press of a key, they will be able to produce a minimal tone with the right pitch and key. This is one of the main differences in learning a guitar.

Learning a guitar takes so much time and practice to be able to be the rock star a kid aspires to be. They need to form a big amount of self-respect and discipline to be able to come up with a very nice lead guitar solo. This reason alone makes a lot of beginners question if the guitar is for them and some migrated from guitars to a piano.


Overall, there’s a mix of studies on which one is better. Most music teachers recommend that the piano is a comprehensive beginner instrument for learning music. It offers both the bass and treble clef while guitar uses the treble clef, melody, and chords.

As for making choices between a piano and a guitar, the best thing you can do is put some thought into which gets you excited. Find some time to learn the basics of both and find the perfect balance if this instrument speaks to you.

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