How Often Should You Change Guitar Strings? Guitar strings wear out as time pass by or because of usage. If you let your guitar strings in this state before changing them, it might break and cause accidents as well as sound bad. If you want to avoid these things to happen while playing your favorite song using your guitar, check out how often you should change your guitar strings below.

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How Often Should You Change Guitar Strings?

Change The Guitar Strings Every Hundred Hours Or 3 Months

The reason behind this time range is that guitars’ strings, when used more often, it deteriorates quickly. They may sometimes strip off, and the guitar can no longer give a good sound. Whichever comes first, be it the one hundred hours or the three months. You should change your guitar strings by following these rules.

Why Is There A Need To Change Or Fix Strings?

The primary reason why changing strings is a must from time to time is that old strings produce bad sound. When you are also trying to make music using unchanged strings, you will find it hard to get the right tune. Also, you are lucky if these strings do not break. Finally, when you do not change the strings for a long period, it just gives an uncomfortable feeling when being touched.

There Are Several Methods To Check If Your Strings Are Worn-out


For instance, you come inside a garage or some basement, the first thing that you need to see is the metal object, if there is. Surely you will find that it is rusty as the moisture from the air touches the outer part of the metal.


Aside from corrosion, the next thing that you should watch out is the kink. When the fret wire touches the dents, these then create a kink. The tone and the sound of the strings may vary and will not create a beautiful sound.

Loose Windings

If during one hundred days or three months, your strings remain unchanged, then better expect that loose windings may set in. When the strings are loose, the sound that the guitar makes becomes unpredictable. It may sound great and wonderful from the start, but then it creates a sudden change in the sound once you continue using it.

Protective Measures

To avoid corrosion, kinds, and lose windings, you will need to wipe the strings every before and after use. Then after, condition it before using it.


To end this topic, it is best to choose both a quality guitar with a robust, durable group of strings and one of good sound too. Also, if you are using the guitar for your profession, you better change it in one hundred days. The reason is that you are probably using it daily. On the other hand, if you are using it as an amateur player, you may change it in three months because you are not using it as much as the first.

It is the reason why there is a need to change the strings from time to time. If you do not intend to change it more often, then better choose the coated strings.

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