How Much Is A Bass Guitar? The bass guitar, also known as the electric bass guitar, is designed to give the lowest pitch resulting in its full sound. While its design has similarities with other types of guitar, such as the acoustic, parlor, and offset guitar, it has distinctive elements, too. These include its long neck and, length of scale ranging from four to six strings.

The actual amount of a bass guitar will vary depending on its brand, type of body and neck, and materials used, among other factors. The price for a brand-new bass guitar ranges between $200 and $5,000 and higher, usually with the most popular guitars being the most expensive.

Tips on Buying a Bass Guitar

With dozens of bass guitars in online shops, choosing the best one for your specific needs can be a challenge. By following these tips, you can do it in an easier way.

First, set your budget unless money isn’t an issue. You are less likely to splurge on a guitar that you don’t need. Or to scrimp on a guitar that doesn’t meet your needs. You will find that with dozens of choices available, you should be able to find one that perfectly fits your budget and desired specs in a bass guitar.

You may, for example, choose Squier by Fender Affinity Series Precision Beginner Electric Bass because it’s the price is within your budget, about $300. You may also like that it has a maple neck, a three-way toggle pickup switch, and a six-saddle non-tremolo bridge.

But you may also like the Yamaha TRBX504 TBN 4-String Premium Electric Bass Guitar because of its solid mahogany body, active-passive electronics, and full-bodied sound. You’re willing to pay its higher price, too, at about $500.

Second, set your basic specs, such as the type of bass guitar, the kind of pickup, and the type of materials used. You can ask a more experienced bassist to provide inputs, but remember, it is still your decision. You should also shop around the online selections before making your final decision, sleep on it for a night or two. 

Third, try the bass guitars before buying one of them, if possible. With online shopping, you should look for sellers with a reasonable return policy since it may be necessary to return your purchase. You may, for instance, find that the bass guitar you purchased isn’t the same one you ordered.

When it comes to a musical instrument, your needs should take precedence, mainly as it’s a sizable investment.

Types of Bass Guitars

The following types are just a few examples. You can ask the seller or sales representative for more information about certain bass guitars you’re setting your eyes on.

The electric bass guitar is the most common type because of its versatility. You can change its tone, volume, and frequencies as well as use special effects through its pedals.

The acoustic bass guitar is suitable for players who like the pick-up-and-play convenience since there’s no need to plug it in. You will also like that it doesn’t require amplification, yet it can still create a powerful sound.

The semi-acoustic bass guitar is a hollow bass with a built-in mic. You must have expert skills to play it because of its unique sonic quality.

The acoustic-electric bass is also hollow but with pickups, meaning it can be connected to an amplifier. It combines the ease of an acoustic guitar with the versatility of an electric guitar.


In conclusion, a bass guitar is not just another musical instrument. You can express your creativity through it so it is important to choose the right bass guitar for you carefully.

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