How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Guitar Bridge? A Guitar bridge is an integral part of a guitar, and it serves many functions that hold guitar together. That is why it is important to make sure that your guitar is working correctly, and it is maintained in a good position.

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Generally speaking, prices vary depending on the repair shop when you’re trying to fix some parts for your guitar. Repair shop cost is on par with those of any other profession. It means that if you bring your instrument to a professional shop, additional professional rates will be added, and rates vary from one place to another. Expect to pay on an hourly basis, depending on the type of service that will be needed to fix the guitar. It is ranging from 60 USD per hour to a minimum.

Re-Glue Of The Bridge

It is one of the most common issues with a guitar bridge. If the top of the guitar weren’t cleaned and sanded correctly, this would cause the glue joint not to hold and stick properly.

If it happened, you have to re-glue the bridge. Re gluing the bridge can cost you 120 USD. A professional will remove, reft, and reglue the old bridge and perform some minor finish touchup. An additional charge of 30 USD for 12-string guitars. It is not a cheap service as it is almost the same price as a regular guitar.

Replacement Of The Bridge

Usually, a guitar bridge doesn’t have a problem cracking because they correctly glued to the guitar top. Once it pulled away from the body, it doesn’t have enough support of the guitar, and while it is pulling away, it can warp the tension of the strings. If the bridge is loose or cracked, it might have been an excellent practice to either re-glue it or eventually replace it.

Replacing a bridge can cost you 180 USD, an additional of 30 USD for a 12-string guitar. It is quite expensive, considering it will have to include the bone saddle as well. This particular costing does not include a factory-made bridge, so you will end up adding approximately 30 USD, depending on the quality of the wood it was made.

It opens up the service for Handmade Bridge. It can cost you up to 360 USD, and by quote. It includes removing the old bridge and fabricating and installing a replica bridge and bone saddle. It also involves action adjustments. This kind of service is quoted on a higher price range because of some people who have vintage guitars like Gibson and Martin, to name a few and might be needed custom bridge replacements.


Overall, maintaining a guitar is like how you do maintenance for your car. It will benefit you in the future, but you have to invest in it fully. It might not be a one time fix, as it needs to be regularly checked, but it will all be worth it because you will end up having a perfectly healthy and working guitar.

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