How Much Does Guitar Center Pay For Used Gear? If you own several guitars and you think that it is time to get rid of the others, selling them can be the best option. The most common choice, if you want to sell a used guitar, is to bring them to the Guitar Center. But many individuals do not know how guitar center price used guitars. If you want to know the answer, check it out through this short read.

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How much does Guitar Center pay for used gear? Guitar Center sells used guitars for about 50 to 60 percent of its original price. Knowing this, you can expect to get about 30 to 40 percent of your guitar’s initial value.

What Is Guitar Center?

Guitar Center is the biggest American music retailer chain in the United States, with a total of 269 locations. It is one of the most considered physical stores to buy and sell used guitars. For customers, they offer an appealing catalog online that can attract the interest of a real guitar lover. Aside from guitars, they also provide other musical instruments such as drums, amplifiers, and so much more.

The store accepts different guitar types such as acoustic, electric, as well as guitars for different skill levels. So if you wish to sell the guitar that is lying around the corner of your home, accumulating nothing but dust, consider bringing it to the Guitar Center.

Guitar Center Rate For Used Gear

If you have finally decided to sell your old guitar, visit the nearest Guitar Center near you. Afterward, a store assistant will accommodate you and give a quote for your guitar. The general rule is that they will first make sure if your guitar is still profitable. For this reason, make sure that your guitar is still in good condition before selling it.

The Guitar Center may sell your guitar at 50 to 60 percent of its original value. It means that you may get 30 to 40 percent of your guitar’s worth when you sell it to the said company.

For those who want to maximize their gain, there are other options that you can choose when selling used guitar. On the other hand, such options may take time, effort, and patience.

Selling used guitar in the nearest Guitar Center in your place will allow you to dispose of your used guitar right away for cash. Aside from that, you no longer need to transact with shady characters online because the company will do it for you.


In conclusion, if you wish to make your used guitar profitable, make sure to maintain them properly so you can resell them for a reasonable price. The value of a guitar isn’t only seen in their appearance but also with their sound quality. Selling your used guitars in the Guitar Center near your area is the easiest option to get rid of the guitars you barely use. Instead of letting them rot in one corner of your home, why not transform them to cash and make them profitable with the help of Guitar Center.

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