How Much Does An Electric Guitar Cost? Buying an electric guitar is a personal journey, with a lot of things to consider before you make the right choice. Choosing the best might mean that you have to find the expensive electric guitar in the market or the most fancied models in the magazines. But the best means different things from picking the right color and shapes to spending with hard-earned money ranging from 100 USD up to 2000 USD.

Here’s the list of the best guitars out in the market covering a wide range of specs, playing abilities, and, most importantly, budget.

Schecter PT Electric Guitar

How Much Does An Electric Guitar Cost?

This electric guitar is simple and very straightforward. Schecter PT doesn’t have frills but gives you the old vintage look, high-end playability, and a tone that makes this American brand respectable. It is both in the world of rock and roll, as well as metal bands.

This product costs 549 USD, it features a slick gothic-inspired design that includes a double-cutaway from each side, and it is made up of solid hardtail bridge. Also, the body of this guitar is made of alder with a maple neck material.

Yamaha RevStar RS420

How Much Does An Electric Guitar Cost?

Yamaha guitars have been in the business of guitar brands for decades now, this affordable guitar, which starts at the cost of 499.99 USD, is a grab for all vintage lovers. It offers a cool retro vibe and an exquisite vintage tone to it.

This product has a VH3 humbucker, which creates all the classic tones and a Dry switch that gives the alluring effect of a single-coil tone, such versatility for an electric guitar model. It has a very distinct curve on both sides, and it is made up of mahogany.

Ibanez RG450DX

How Much Does An Electric Guitar Cost?

It is one of the top leagues in the electric guitar industry. An Ibanez RG450DX offers a full rock experience and a fast lightning speed playability. The cost of this product only starts at 399.99 USD, definitely a grab for all beginners package out there.

This product has a very classic Superstrat body in all different colors available. It is made up of solid basswood and has a slick, thin Wizard III neck that is made up of maple. It consists of 24 jumbo frets perfect for power chords and free fast soloing.

Squier Affinity Stratocaster SSS

How Much Does An Electric Guitar Cost?

One of the cheapest brands and models in this list, a Squier Affinity series is an excellent choice for beginners to intermediate players who are looking for a good bargain. This electric guitar only cost you 229.97 USD.

This product is one of Stratocaster finest. It is made up of alder with a different eye-catching design to choose from along with a ’60s-style headstock.


While there are lots of available brands and great guitars out there, every guitar listed in this list is well-tested and proven to be worth the money. If you’re a beginner and just starting, the Squier Affinity series might be the right choice for you. It is because it is cheap and it comes with all the basic things you need to start with an electric guitar.

Lastly, make sure to choose the best that fits perfectly in your hand. Whether you have a flexible or tight budget. It all comes down to playability and musicality.

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