How Much Does A Guitar Weigh? Guitars also come with different weights. But usually, acoustic guitars are lighter than electric guitars. If you want to determine the type of guitar you can take easily on a trip, or play comfortably at home, this guide can help you out. Let’s get into it!

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Different Types Of Guitars And Their Corresponding Weights

Electric Guitars

Some of the most popular types of electric guitars and their weight are as follows:

SGs – This type of electric guitar weighs around 2.7 kg, and it is made of mahogany.

PRS Custom 24 – Due to its mahogany body, SGs have a heavyweight. It weighs 4kg or around 9 lbs, similar to Epiphone Dot.

Ibanez JEM/RG – It weighs about 3.4 to 3.8 kg. It is usually made of basswood or alder along with a maple neck.

Dot – Epiphone Dot weighs 4 kg or 9 lbs. It is the version of the Epiphone of the classic Gibson ES-335.

Strandberg Boden – Due to not having a headstock, this guitar has a reduced weight of 2.3 kg or 5 lbs.

Traveler – This type of electric guitar is designed for traveling. It weighs an average of 1.8 kg or 4 lbs.

Double-neck – Unlike other types of electric guitars, double-neck guitars are significantly heavier. It weighs 6 kg or 13 lbs.

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars are usually lighter than electric guitars. The average weight of this musical instrument is around 3 to 5 lbs.

Harp Guitars

Harp guitars also come with different types and weights: pedal harps (80 lbs), folk harps (9 to 50 lbs), lever harps (20 to 50 lbs), Celtic harps (7 to 12 lbs), and lyre harps (7 to 12 lbs).

Bass Guitars

The average weight of bass guitars is around 8.5 to 9.5 lbs. Also, bass guitars are usually heavier than acoustic and electric guitars.

Factors Affecting The Weight Of Guitars

Some of the factors that may affect the overall weight of a guitar are as follows:

Wood Type – Two identical guitars may have different weights. It is more likely because of the type of wood they are made of. Every wood type has its density level that can affect the overall weight of a guitar. The common types of wood used to make guitars are alder (400 to 700 kg/m3), Mahogany (450 to 640 kg/m3), Swamp Ash (450 to 550 kg/m3), Walnut (650to 700 kg/m3), Basswood (300 to 600 kg/m3), and Maple (550 to 700 kg/m3).

How Much Does A Guitar Weigh?

Body Size And Shape – The shape of the guitar can also affect its overall weight. As you can guess, the Strandberg Boden Fusion headless guitar is lighter than a double-neck guitar like Ktone 6/7 String Electric Double Neck Guitar.

How Much Does A Guitar Weigh?

Body Type – Guitars have three possible body types, the semi-hollow, solid, and chambering. While having a big body size, some guitars can weigh lighter if they have a semi-hollow type of body.


In conclusion, two similar guitar types may still vary when it comes to their weight. Aside from their type, the overall weight of a guitar can also change due to factors like body shape, body size, the wood type used, and many more.

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