How Much Does A Guitar Setup Cost? If you have a new guitar, your next priority is to get a good guitar setup to ensure that your stringed instrument works optimally. If you have no idea how much it may cost you, here is a short read that might help you out.

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When To Find An Affordable Guitar Setup?

Getting professional help is better than getting affordable but ineffective results. If you are a professional guitarist, you may no longer need someone to get your guitar setup done since you can do it your own. If you are a beginner, you will definitely need a professional to help you out.

On the other hand, there are lots of affordable guitar setup available online. Usually, a professional luthier costs between $40 to $100, and it also depends on the type of guitar you are using. The cheapest as of today is this luthier tools set from Mudder.

How Much Does A Guitar Setup Cost?

What Is A Guitar Setup?

A guitar setup is a process that you need to do before using your new guitar. This process involves a lot of activities that can get your guitar for usage. It includes adjusting the height of the guitar strings and adjusted the intonation of the guitar. A guitar setup also includes adjusting the truss rod and the action.

What Is A Truss Rod Adjustment?

There is a metal rod from the neck to the body of the guitar, also called a truss rod. When the string gets loose, and the neck does not have any relief, then adjusting the metal rod is the best thing to do.

For instance, you have brought the guitar to a professional luthier. The latter will check the neck of the guitar. The aim is to determine whether or not there is too much relief given to it. When the guitar neck has too much relief, it may cause fret buzz, and because of it, the sound it produces becomes awful.

How To Set The String Action?

String action is the distance of the strings of a guitar to its fretboard. The adjustment sets in whenever the action is high, and as a result, the player finds it hard to press down the strings. On the other hand, when the action is low, it means that the distance between the frets and strings is less. And also, the effort in playing a note entails a lot to be exerted.


To conclude, you need to get a good guitar setup if you are still a beginner. Otherwise, you may do it your own and just need a set of luthier tools that is accessible on your local music store and online. If you set up your own guitar, you can save a lot of money along the way. It is especially that availing the service of a professional luthier can also be costly.

If you are setting up your guitar, you have to adjust its action, set the intonation, and apply for the necessary neck relief. On the other hand, beginners may not have any choice but to avail the service of a professional luthier and pay around $40 to $100.

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