How Much Are Guitar Lessons? Learning to play guitar demands not just your time but also your money. Way back 2000s establishments for guitar classes are present everywhere. The cost of taking up guitar lessons then is more expensive than now. To answer, how much are guitar lessons? We will focus on the current demands to help you out!

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The fact is guitar lessons are widely becoming accessible online, which made educators drop the guitar lesson’s price. However, most people still go to a music class for a one-on-one approach. They say nothing beats the old way of learning to play guitar.

Read on to understand how the price of guitar lessons affected by some factors.

What Affects The Price?

The average price for guitar lessons will fall between $20 and $40. Music companies offer a variety of standard rates in different areas. It may fluctuate due to a few critical factors, such as the following:


The instructor and student experience both affect the price of guitar lessons. Instructors with less than five years of experience ask for a lower rate than more experienced ones.

As you continue to play the guitar, your skills will be developed. Time will come to pay for specific genre lessons.


Lesson duration must be discussed between the instructor and the student. It would be better to lengthen the time each day to learn more in a short period. It will lessen your expenses big time.

Most instructors require 30-minutes lessons per week at $30. You can eventually stretch the duration up to 45-minutes or one hour, with a discount.

Geographic Location

The more access you have to get an excellent instructor is much better. You can have more options in bigger cities which demand higher costs as well. The average price per lesson is available in small towns. Overall, prices vary based on the student’s standard cost of living.

Physical Location

It is on how the training sessions will happen on your benefit. It is either the instructor who will go to your place or the other way round. Both demand additional fees on your side.

The most convenient way is via online in a video chat setup. It saves both parties’ time and travel costs. This way is more inexpensive but less effective than personal training lessons. There are complex fingering patterns that need to be discussed personally. In reality, it is easier to learn something in an actual session.

Things To Keep In Mind

Kids at least 7-years old can start joining on guitar lesson tutorials. It will take less than a month of weekly guitar lessons to master playing guitar of any kind.

The price may be negotiable according to the agreement of both parties. It can be lessened over time, so increasing the time ahead is somewhat beneficial.

Private guitar lessons double the price of the other options. It is the fastest way thereof. The internet is good for convenience but not for perfection. So, a real guitar expert is a must for the learners.


Now that you know the factors that might affect guitar lesson pricing find the best instructor in town. Choose beginning instructors who are within your budget. Your priority is to learn the basics until a higher level of lessons is needed. Overall, there is no fixed price in taking up guitar lessons.

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