How Many Strings Does A Bass Guitar Have? Being the kind of guitar with the lowest-pitched sound, it is important to install the right number of strings to a bass guitar so it can produce a good sound. Just like in electric guitar, the sound of a bass guitar varies on its number of strings. As time passed by, the bass guitar has been replaced by double bass, and it indeed produces attractive and popular music. To determine the right number of strings to install in a bass guitar, here are some of the tips you should know.

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The Number Of Guitar Strings A Bass Guitar Has

Talking about the standard bass guitar, there are four strings, and these are tuned to letters E, A, D, and G. These are the lowest-pitched strings of a guitar.

These strings, compared to other guitars, are thicker. The reason behind this is that they are octave strings. But for every rule, there is an exception. Some players use bass guitars with more than four strings.

Other Number Of Strings In A Bass Guitar

Apart from the usual four strings bass guitar, there are also five and six-stringed bass guitars. Professional guitarists use these most, especially during their gigs. There is one significant reason for having more than four strings. That is to add a range to the sound a bass guitar creates.

What does it mean by saying more range? When you say more range, it would mean that you can play a lot of lower as well as higher notes producing good and sweet music.

The bass guitars with five, as well as six strings, started its popularity in the ’80s and onwards. It all started when the guitarists at that time were in strong competition with other guitarists using electronic bass guitars. And the competition becomes much stronger during the advent of the electric keyboards. That is the reason why during the ’70s, bass players had taken the bass guitar to much newer height.


In conclusion, the strings of bass guitars may vary but they all produce the same low-toned sound. Be it a four-stringed guitar or a five or six-stringed one, they both create a good kind of sound of their own style. All bass guitars are equally essential, especially that they create a sound that can bridge the guitarist and the drummer in a band.

Choosing the bass guitar with more or less number of strings depends on the needs of a player. When a player is a professional bass guitar player, he will choose the bass guitar with more strings. It is for the reason that more strings create more low and high pitches.

On the other hand, if you are an amateur guitar player who is playing bass guitar only for pleasure and leisure, a four-stringed guitar will do. Again, the number of strings matter. It is a must to place the right number of strings on your bass guitar according to the type of bass guitar you use.

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