How Many Frets On A Guitar? Guitar frets are metal strips that are usually made of nickel alloy and brass. This component is embedded in the fretboard of a guitar, and it covers most of the guitar’s neck. The job of guitar frets is to change the length of vibration of the string to produce a specific note. But different guitars come with varying number of frets, here’s the reason why:

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Number Of Frets In A Guitar

The number of frets in a guitar depends on the type and model of the instrument. The standard number of frets in a classical guitar is nineteen. At the twelfth fret, the neck of the guitar meets the instrument’s body.

A guitar player who will try to play the upper frets of a nineteen fret guitar will be required to adjust their hand position and picking. It is especially to play the frets beyond twelfth fret.

Acoustic guitars usually have more variations when it comes to the number of frets. Many types of stringed instruments come with twenty frets, such as the Gibson Hummingbird and Martin D-28. Meanwhile, other guitars may have more frets than these examples.

How Many Frets On A Guitar?

Some acoustic guitars come with a cutaway feature that allows easier access to the upper frets. It is an indentation in the guitar’s upper body. On the other hand, electric guitars feature the most variations of fret numbers. Usually, an electric guitar has twenty-one to twenty-four frets.

  • Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster – Originally, these guitars feature twenty-one frets. Afterward, it started to provide twenty-two fret necks in the year 1980s.
  • Gibson SG – This guitar model comes with twenty-two frets that join the guitar’s body at the nineteenth fret.
  • Gibson Les Paul – For this guitar model, you can find twenty-two frets similar to the guitar models mentioned above. The difference is that its frets join the guitar’s body at the sixteenth fret.

Buzz Sound On Guitar Fret

Steel stringed guitars may experience wear and tear on their frets. If left unchanged, the frets may begin giving a buzzing sound when played. Due to a poor set up or guitar manufacturing, this buzzing sound can ruin your performance. Because of this, it is necessary to make adjustments like raising string action to stop the buzzing sound.

How Many Frets On A Guitar?

You can use a reliable luthier toolset like the Mudder Guitar Luthier Tools Set to maintain the excellent condition of your guitar frets. You may also need to replace the frets when they began wearing off. Fender Standard Guitar Frets is your go-to product in terms of fret replacement. But if you want a gold-colored fret, the Timiy Brass Frets is ideal for you.

How Many Frets On A Guitar?
How Many Frets On A Guitar?


In conclusion, guitar frets are an essential component of a guitar. If your guitar is having intonation issues, check out your guitar frets. It is because the frets are one of the primary parts of the guitar that is responsible for intonation. Keep your guitar sounding good by giving a proper look at every component it comes with. Sometimes, you have to replace a single fret to bring back the optimal performance of your guitar.

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