How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar? Learning how to play guitar is not as easy as playing it. You must find it very interesting how people strum or pluck the strings to make various melodies from such an instrument. The truth is the amount of time needed for you to properly know how to play guitar depends on your eagerness to learn it. Several factors might affect the length you have to spend on learning the instrument.

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Some of these factors include patience, connection with the guitar, willingness to learn, the amount of time spent in practice, and many more. If you want to learn it as fast as you could, then you should manage your time very well.

1 To 3 Months Of Learning

In your first three months of practicing, you must learn first basic open chords. These include A, G, Em, Dsus2, E, and Cmaj7. You must be aware that chords can be played differently. So, as a beginner, take your time learning the simple ones first. It is to make your progress easier when learning hard combinations. At this point, you should also be acquiring the rhythm through strumming. Though it will be hard at first getting the right timing, with enough amount of practice, in three months, you will get used to it.

3 To 6 Months Of Learning

At this juncture, commitment is the real deal. Getting this far means you are serious in the field, not because you think it is cool. In the second three months of your journey, you now have the idea of your strengths and the limitations you want to break. Calluses can be seen on your fingers, and the basics had sunk in your head already. It also opens to exploring other chords such as D, C, and E. With this, you will be able to extend the number of chords you can perform. Thus, the more chords you know, the more songs you can play.

6 To 18 Months Of Learning

Getting at this point means you are more relaxed and comfortable playing the guitar. Basic chords are now just really easy for you to play. You might also be in touch with much more difficult chords like Bb, F, and Dm. The songs that you can play had also increased. With the span of eighteen months, you may be already playing for your friends, family, or maybe playing in front of a bigger audience and stage.


As a conclusion, you have to knit your time, effort, and perseverance together to be able to play guitar. In doing so, the faster you will learn, and the more you can get better at it. But as a beginner, you also need to understand that to harvest the fruits of what you sow. You should work hard for it. Nothing can be achieved easily, not because you want it means you can get it immediately. There will be problems while you are working with the guitar that might prolong the avenue, but, failing is part of the process. You need to know where to start again.

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