How Long Do Guitar Repairs Take? The answer to this queue depends on the kind of guitar you are using, as well as on the nature of the damaged parts. Different types of guitars have different parts. So, you need to consult a guitar expert once your guitar needs repair instead of doing it yourself.

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There are lots of possible factors that can affect the parts of a guitar. If these parts are complicated to fix, it will be difficult for you to repair them. But if the problem is simple, expect to at least two weeks before it properly repairs.

Parts Of Guitar That Usually Needs Repair

If your acoustic guitar has lost its intonation, for sure, there are a lot of causes behind it that you need to consider, such as:

  • The action which was being too high of the guitar’s saddle
  • The action which is too high of the nut
  • It has a high level of neck relief
  • The guitar body is not properly glued and is placed with incorrect position
  • When the bridge saddle is placed incorrectly
  • Too much excessive deflection 
  • If your frets are placed incorrectly
  • How much will it cost to repair a guitar?

The cost of repair depends on the nature of loss and what is broken in your guitar. Generally, there is so-called base-rate per hour to repair a guitar, amounting to $60 per hour. This cost covers the minimum bench fee, restring, oil fingerboard and tune, the set-up, and the twelve-string set-up.

How Much Will It Cost To Repair A Guitar Nut?

The running minimum cost for the nut repair is ranging at $20, but it depends on the shop you are going to avail.  For guitar nut, the repair shop needs to clean the slot, the adjustments of width, reattaching the loose nut, as well as the average labor price.

Do Cracks In A Guitar Effect The Guitar?

Definitely, yes. It totally ruined the sound of the guitar. Any cracks in your guitar can dramatically affect the tone.

What Kind Of Glue Is Used On Guitars?

The standard and most popular used glues in repairing guitars are, namely:

  1. Aliphatic Resin – It is the best glue suitable for woodworkers and instrument building.
  2. Titebound Originally Wood Glue – This type of glue is quite common. And a lot of repair shops usually use this glue.
  3. The Hide Glue – This glue is exclusively used straight from the bottle.


To conclude, if your guitar is an acoustic guitar, you have a big chance to repair it as it can be sealed using adhesive or glue. However, it needs timing when any of the critical parts need repair. The glue, dirt, and oil are also essential to consider.

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