How Does Whammy Bar Work? A Whammy bar is also called tremolo or vibrato bridges. Although this term is somewhat new to some guitarists, it is most common to those who have an electric guitar. To some, it is known as vibrato bar, twang bar, tremolo bar. But whatever its name is, it will not change the fact that it is used for creating a vibrating sound of the guitar.

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Ever wonder where it is found, or is it even sold separately online like any guitar device? A whammy bar is not a separate device that can be bought because it is located at the bridge or a tailpiece of an electric guitar. It is commonly used mainly by those that blues and jazz guitarists because it produces many sounds that an old technique doesn’t have.

Different Kinds of Whammy Bar

Some may be asking how to use this device of an electric guitar. To enjoy more composition using your guitar, you should press down gently the guitar directly to the head of the stock. Whammy bar used both in 1930, the 1960s and 1970s by most of the famous musicians. Different types of Whammy Bar will make you choose which best suits your preferences.

Bigsby Vibrato

It is one of the unique whammy bars at present because of its smooth and easy-to-use-feel. It has a rocker bridge as its main component, and the strings wrap around a metal bar that is connected to the tremolo arm. Guitarists can push the arm down and can loosen the strings to get the drop of the pitch. It is named after Paul Bigsby and is considered one of the most subtle kinds of a whammy bar.

Fender Sync Tremolo

It is firs popularized and released in 1954 by the Head designer Leo Fender. It is called sync or synchronized Whammy bar because it is moved unison in one significant movement. With this, it helped eliminate string friction with the saddle and allowed strings to move back to their original tuning and tension. Making it more stable than the Bigsby Whammy Bar because it is easier and influential.

Lacing Tremolo- This is one very first locking tremolo and is famous for a rock or metal guitarists. It is worked when you tune your guitar and then lock the nut and bridge with the Allen Key. Because of its lacking system, the pitch can be raised and lowered without much wok.

Fender Floating Bridge

This is the most loved style of the Whammy bar because of its design that manipulates the pitch up or down easier. Its only main issue is that if one string bends or breaks because its floating bridge is balanced together. This kind of Whammy bar is commonly found in old Jazz-masters, Jaguars, Mustangs, and a few Vintage Fender Bass VI guitars.


To conclude, with this device called Whammy Bar, many musicians have enjoyed playing their string instruments more. They have been given more opportunities to explore more in a different genre of music. There are lots of terms and things to understand and learn when playing the guitar, but in the end, you will find it essential. Remember that when you do what you love to do, it is considered an opportunity and the best way to relax.

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