How Do I Stop My Guitar Picks From Dropping? Regardless if you’re a pro or just a beginner, it is common knowledge that at some point in time, there will be a dreaded drop. Musicians have been struggling with this particular dilemma because it’s an ongoing issue, either you have excessive dryness or super soaked sweat from your fingers. Some even believed that it was the result of improper handling of the pick but that’s not the case.

A Must-Read: How Do I Stop My Guitar Picks From Dropping?

The truth here is that different picks should be held differently, depending on their size and shape. Most players have different sizes of hands, different handgrip and different ways of strumming and plucking. Here are some techniques and tips to take into consideration to avoid guitar picks from dropping.

The Kind of Pick You Used

Generally speaking, picks start to slip and slide around when you start strumming and picking individual notes. For instance, if you are working on an average thin pick which is approximately 0.50 mm – thin picks are floppy it can slide down and there you go, instant dropping. But thinner picks are usually easier to control when you’re starting, you just have to make sure you hold it properly and tightly. On the other hand, thick picks, that is 0.70 – 0.80 mm is better when using a strumming guitar. It will always come down to personal preference.

Double-Sided Tape Technique

One of the alternative ways is to make them more sticky or more grippy. You need to take into consideration the amount of sweat you produced in your hand. Make sure to wipe down your hands with a clean cloth before playing. Stick one of the double-sided to the side of the pick facing the ground and then stick this to the bottom finger that will hold the pick. It’s a very economical way but it would require you to remove and place the tape often.

If you are keen you could always try Monster Grips, which are grippy stick pads that you can use to stick to your guitar pick on either side.

How Do I Stop My Guitar Picks From Dropping?

Scoring and Sanding Technique

One of the most convenient ways is to create some grip on the pick using a sandpaper or a craft knife to make a texture that will prevent slippage. Using sandpaper, you can rub down the flat pick on either side, this will give you a surface to provide texture and resistance to movement.

Best Non-Slip Guitar Picks

How Do I Stop My Guitar Picks From Dropping?

There are always some brands that offer these particular non-slip guitar picks. These manufacturers specialize in providing more grip while playing the guitar. Dunlop Max Grip is from Dunlop that offers the best non-slip that works for acoustic and electric guitar.

How Do I Stop My Guitar Picks From Dropping?

Ibanez Sand Picks uses light grip sandpaper attached to the pick itself to add more grip and Dava 6024 Grip Tip, which is a molded rubber that is combined to the pick that can add more friction and excellent grip.

How Do I Stop My Guitar Picks From Dropping?


There are lots of ways to consider and apply your playing technique with guitar picks. You only need to practice and improve your grip, but that will always depend on how you play with your guitar. Always follow the rules and guidelines when it comes to guitar playing and let your inner musicality shine.

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