How Do I Know I Need A Preamp? A Pre-amplifier, preamp, in short, is a device that helped produce a strong signal, helped to have a strong processing or just a simple loudspeaker. A strong signal is achieved when it is placed close enough with the recipient to reduce the effect of interference. An amplifier is commonly used to analog sensors like a microphone or pick-ups.

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The pre-amplifier is also used in a guitar when one decided to have a noise yet tolerant sound. It was commonly used during the ’80s and ’90s. Some guitars have a built-in preamp, but most of the time, it is sold separately. There are a lot of choices of a guitar preamp according to its sizes and ratings that prices range from $17.99-$288.98.  

How Do I Know I Need A Preamp?

Benefits Of Using Preamp

 Not all guitar and musicians use a preamp. Musicians used preamp when they are recording using their guitar. To some, using preamp is unnecessary, especially when they are content with the sounds their guitar is producing. But there is also a guitarist that uses preamp when they want to have a more distorted or a different sound.

A Special Sound of Character- This is one common reason why musician prefers to use an external preamp. The internal preamp is good, but the external preamp is better if you want to have a slight sound in the ’60s. Or if a vintage sound in the ’70s and a fancy sound in the ’80s, a preamp is perfect.

Sound Quality- Using an external preamp on your guitar may sound odd, but it will help in producing a better quality of sound. It has features that can switch between multiple channels, independent settings, and integrate a lot more controls. It also boosts the line-level signal of a guitar that produces a complete selection resulting from having a tone-shaped signal.

Lower Noise- Electronic Guitar has a high frequency buzzing sound. That is why when you want to reduce that sound, it is best when used with equalizer. It is possible if you can band on your EQ. The more you remove the frequency, the less noise your signal can absorb. But remember that when you need to find a balance between eliminating noise and frequency because there is a possibility to lose all your tone.


To conclude, the preamp is everywhere. You can use it with a bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitar. Some may find It useless, but some may also find it useful. Especially when you are aware of how to use it or what’s its benefits were. Some guitarists know how to use the preamp but didn’t explore it further because they are content with the sound of their guitars are producing.

A guitar preamp is okay to use, but make sure to think twice before purchasing one. Try to search or seek professionals advice if you are planning to buy a guitar preamp. Using a preamp is one complicated thing that some guitarists wouldn’t want to learn. But if you understand how this guitar amp works, you will be surprised at what advantages it can offer.

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