How Big Is A 3/4 Size Guitar? ¾ size guitars are specifically for younger generations between the age of 8 to 11 years. Also, this instrument is also known as 36-inch guitars. The ¾ size guitars and ½ size guitars are prominent for young kids and youth who are studying music. Most kids start learning guitar at the age of 6 to 10 at a primary school or private coaching.

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For this reason, there is a huge choice for this particular size in the market today. The guitar size doesn’t refer to the guitar length in general, but its scale. The scale is the distance between the bridge and the head of the guitar, hence ¾ of a full-size guitar.

Here are some of the ¾ size hot picks in the market that is every child’s dream when learning guitar:

Yamaha CGS103A

How Big Is A 3/4 Size Guitar?

Every student there is always starting their journey with Yamaha. It is one of the most trusted brands, and a lot of coaches and teachers recommend this type for beginners that are just starting to learn music. It is very affordable, ranging from 169.99 USD, a good brand for an excellent price-quality ratio.

This guitar is a nylon string with a top made of spruce that will ensure you the top quality sound. The neck is made of Nato, which is very comfortable to play with.

Cordoba Protégé C1

How Big Is A 3/4 Size Guitar?

Cordoba model is a high-quality guitar perfect for beginners as well. It features a spruce top that has a thin varnish that encapsulates a good sound quality. With rosewood as its fingerboard and bridge, it gives it a delicate high gloss finish.

It cost 169 USD, with the perfect price comes with a gig bag that is surely a must-have when getting a new guitar. Cordoba is one of the top leading brands of guitar manufacturers and can be found in nearly every local guitar shop.

Ortega Guitars R121

How Big Is A 3/4 Size Guitar?

Ortega models are unknown in the US. It is because it was a German guitar manufacturer that makes different models and guitar series. This guitar is a little on the high-end side, costing for about 189.99 USD.

The Ortega guitars have a high-end gloss finish, with a solid spruce top and sound great for this size. It has different variations of color, which is perfect for kids. They have nature, white, and the most popular one, the wine red.

Stagg SW201

How Big Is A 3/4 Size Guitar?

If nylon-string is not your choice, perhaps you can check this Stagg SW201, an entry-level acoustic steel guitar for kids. It is a good investment if you are keen to have that distinct sound of a steel string ¾ size guitars.

Stagg took into considerations that they have a wide range of beginner players, and they manufactured guitars that have a variety of colors and left-handed versions.


In conclusion, there is an ongoing debate that is going around that ¾ size guitars are just a waste of money. This is true considering the fact that children have a little attention span. But since kids can’t adapt to the full-size guitars, this musical instrument will allow them to enjoy and explore their talent for guitar playing.

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