Guitar Tips When Playing With Distortion ~ The word distortion is one struggle that a guitar beginner wouldn’t want to encounter. Distortion means a change in something from its natural or usual shape or condition. When you hear the word distortion, it means negative for some musicians, especially for beginners. But for most veteran guitarist, playing with a distorted guitar is okay and even finding it useful.

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Playing with a distorted guitar is what some of the guitarists would love. Ever wonder why? Because having a distorted guitar will help them play with a different tone of the music. When you want to have more rock sounds, having a distorted guitar would be perfect. It may sound cliche, but for some guitarist, it is the truth.

 Advantages When Playing With A Distorted Guitar

Distortion is commonly used with an electric guitar, but it can also be used with other instruments. It can produce different types of rock like acoustic rock, hardcore rock, acid rock, punk rock, and heavy metal rock. It is also vital with other instruments like an electric piano, bass, and Hammond organ.

Like any other guitarist, playing with distortion is an advantage because it adds a more thrilling experience that produces a more satisfying sound.

Amplify Everything

It may sound unusual, but playing with distortion will amplify everything. All the intentional notes may sound louder, but all the open strings you don’t want to hear will be amplified too. It is like all the stars in the universe conspire to produce a new and satisfying sound than usual. Experts say that using a distortion will help you find some notes that shouldn’t be there or unnecessary.

It Can Practice Your Bends

Distortion helps guitarist practice their bends. It will help highlight the differences between the guide note and the note you are bending with than using a clear tone. The longer you hold your guitar bends, the better because it will release lesser ringing volume than the usual. It is also a useful way to help you distinguish your correct pitch as well as using a clear tone.

Helps When Practicing Chords

Distortion also helps when practicing chords. Let’s say your open chords and five-string barre chords went a bit off. It means that you’re hitting some extra strings. You can turn your distortion down to a quarter on the dial. It will not hide your mistakes, but it will help you determine and highlights the extra ringing of notes. 


Playing the guitar with distortion is a bit impossible for others, especially for beginners. Distortion or distorted words may sound negative, but guitarists used this as their strength and an edge to others. They look at it as a challenge to be a better musician and a new lesson plan to learn.

If you decided to learn tricks to produce a rock genre, this one is for you. There are a lot of video tutorials for you to understand about distortion in a guitar fully. Allot your time and learn it by heart because it will not only benefit you, but you can also share this knowledge with others. Remember that when you are faced with a challenge, look for a way, not a way out.

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