Guitar Pick Glue ~ A guitar pick is a tricky thing to handle. If you hold it too tightly, it will not be able to serve its purpose. Not to mention that you’re likely getting cramps in your fingers. Hold it too loosely, and it will probably fly out of your fingers.

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It is where a high-quality pick glue comes in. You will find that it’s an excellent product for keeping a pick in your fingers when you’re practicing or performing, too.

What Is Pick Glue?

It is a grip enhancer that increases the friction between your fingers and the pick. You will then be able to hold the pick better and, thus, you can play the guitar as desired. You will find that it’s best whether you’re experiencing sweaty hands or excessive dryness in your skin when you’re playing guitar.

The typical material used for pick glues is refined tree rosin, as is the case for Gorilla Snot, a popular product among guitarists and drummers. Remember, too, that a pick glue will not make your fingers stick to the pick – it just makes the pick better to hold.

Guitar Pick Glue

What’s The Best Way To Use It?

Don’t worry about its texture as it isn’t slimy or sticky. Instead, its texture increases the friction between your fingers and the pick. So it’s easier to hold between your fingers.

Be sure to apply just a small amount on your fingers, particularly the ones that will be gripping the pick. Just a pea-sized amount should be fine. If you grasp a pick with your thumb and index finger, then only these two digits should have glue pick.

Never apply glue pick on your fretting fingers and on the fingers of your picking hand that isn’t gripping the pick. Otherwise, you will find the strings on your guitar to be stickier than usual. You will observe that it’s more difficult to strum, pluck, and pick strings with glue pick on them. Your ears will also pick up the significant changes in tone with glue pick-encrusted strings. 

Also, there’s no need to apply more glue pick than necessary. Since it is made of wax-based substances, a glue pick has an extra-firm structure that holds its shape.

If you use finger rings, you may want to remove them before applying glue pick on your picking fingers. Otherwise, the glue pick will accumulate in the rings. 

It’s easy to remove glue pick from your skin, too! Just wash it with water and soap or, if these aren’t available, with wet wipes or scrub sponges. You will also like that it doesn’t leave behind an off-putting scent.


In conclusion, if you feel that you aren’t getting a good grip on your pick for whatever reason, you may want to consider a glue pick. You will find a few brands for guitarists and drummers in online sites. You can purchase a bottle or two of each brand since it’s an affordable product and make them last for several months. 

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