Best Guitar For a Female Beginner ~ Guitars are universal instruments – they are versatile that regardless of any gender, you can play it at ease. If you’re looking for a guitar, you need to opt for the perfect fit that will make you feel comfortable while playing. Women and children do have a disadvantage when it comes to guitar play, biologically speaking, they have smaller hands. For guitar players, it can be not very easy to play those chords and have the same tonality. But it’s not just them. Some men do have the same problem too.

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The good news is, there are many acoustic and electric guitar that is available right now, due to overwhelming demand for this type of consumers. Finding the perfect fit is easy if you know what you’re looking for.

Here are some of the top brands and models that offer comfortability that all women and children can appreciate. These are considered based on their affordability, ability to accommodate on a smaller scale, and of course, musicality.

Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor​

Best Guitar For a Female Beginner

This Taylor model is one of the top leading brands that offer on a small scale. It has a mahogany top and 1-11/16″ neck width that will help women or any players who fall in the smaller size with limited dexterity. It will help them to manage chords properly, and pressing the strings will be a lot easier.

Taylor guitars are quite known for their tonal clarity and loud volumes, and this is what a BT2 can offer. With only 349 USD price tag, this surely won’t disappoint. It has a perfect size that can be brought on the road.

Fender Squier Mini Strat

Best Guitar For a Female Beginner

It is one of the best electric guitars made not only for juniors but also for adults with small hands. Women can rock an electric guitar, too. This 6-string guitar has a 22.75″ scale length, and it has a ¾ body size of a standard guitar. 179.99

The construction of this electric guitar is light, and the finish is sleek, which makes this easy to hold even if you are on a smaller scale. Like most of the Fender and Squire guitar models, it has a high-end scale.

With a price tag starting at 179.99 USD, you get a define acoustic tone. This Mini Strat is composed of three single-coil passive pickups and switching that goes five ways. It is a lot easier to perform tuning, and it is less complicated to learn than any other electric guitars.

Martin LXM Little Martin

Best Guitar For a Female Beginner

The Little Martin is an acoustic guitar that catered women and junior kids. It is perfect for traveling and a good instrument to start with. With its small physique, it is commendable to produce a big sound. This guitar model is made of High-Pressure Laminate or HPL, which is a plastic that looks like wood. The HPL doesn’t affect the sound, but is an ideal choice for outdoor playing and resonates with a deep tone.

It offers a high-end quality of materials, and it gives the player the comfort they’re looking for. It’s a well-known manufacturer that has been providing high-quality guitars. With a price range that starts at 349 USD, you will get the quality experience, and it will exceed your expectations.

Ibanez GRGM21BKN Electric Guitar

Best Guitar For a Female Beginner

The Ibanez GRGM21BKN is another electric guitar that made it on this list. This particular model from Ibanez made this guitar to look badass but at the same time pretty. It seems intimidating, but this comes with a lot of features that will help you as a beginner to pursue your music career.

It is the first small scale electric guitar made by Ibanez. You can see that it has the signature Ibanez inlays with 24 frets and a lengthy 22-inch neck. Mahogany and maple are the combinations of wood that made this spectacular body, and the price is reasonable too, it’s only 149.99 USD. You can get the quality tone you’re craving for. The price and size ratio is undoubtedly a money grab. It has the perfect balance of playability and tone sounds.

Oscar Schmidt OG1 Acoustic Guitar

Best Guitar For a Female Beginner

Who doesn’t want to win an Oscar? Sure, this is a different kind of o Oscar, but you are a winner when you have this Oscar Schmidt OG1 guitar. This brand offers not one but two options for guitar models. You can either get a rosewood fretboard or an engineered wood fretboard. Its size is ¾ of a standard guitar, which makes it a perfect fit for junior kids and women who fall on a smaller scale.

With a price tag of 119 USD only, you get a combination of solid spruce top and a catalpa wood. It gives the guitar, solid and decent durability, but also good quality resonance and impressive sustainability. It comes with a die-cast chrome tuners that is perfect for thicker steel strings.

You also have a lifetime warranty whenever you purchase an Oscar guitar. It is not something you get daily. Grab it while you can.


To summarize, there are a lot of options for women to purchase a guitar. It’s not an issue anymore when they look for a specific size and brand. A lot of guitar manufacturers see this as an opportunity to expand more on their brand and consumers. If you fall into the smaller scale, you need to add extra efforts when learning how to play, but you’ll get there.

When you look for a perfect guitar, go for the well-tested quality and do not ever compromise on the sound. If you require a good quality electric guitar and with an ideal tonal resonance, The Squier Mini Strat is the top choice, and for the acoustic guitar, the Baby Taylor will be a perfect fit.

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