Best 7 String Classical Guitars ~ When talking about 7-string guitar, a lot of people considered them to be a revolutionary rock and metal material. Today, seven-string guitars have come a long way and were able to be incorporated in several different genres like jazz, blues, and folk. Navigating a 7-string guitar can be quite tricky if you have never owned one before. They aren’t nearly common to a 6-strings guitar, and it can be hard to manipulate sounds. As soon as you figured out what you’re looking for, it is even harder to find a good model as this type of guitar can be a bit high on the budget scale.

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The standard tuning for 7-string guitars is B, E, A, D, G, B, E. This means that you can play anything with 7-strings the same way you play on your regular 6-string. The only distinction is that the newly added string has the new low B string. The minimal low b means that you can play normal power chords across the bottom two strings without having difficulties.

In this short read, you will be able to find some of the best 7-string guitars in the market in several price ranges that suit your budget.

New Russian 7-String Acoustic Classical Gipsy Guitar

Best 7 String Classical Guitars

Looking it from the outside, you will be mesmerized as it depicts such beauty with its exceptional, fine audio. It is the perfect selection in terms of 7-string classical guitar. The string height above 12th fret is 3 – 3.5 mm. The 7-string Leo Tone guitars are made from fine quality of woods.

Leo Tone guitars have been considered to be one of the famous and finest qualities of guitar there is. It offers a high-end and ideal sound. This type of guitar is suited and created for solo performances and ensemble, rendering a musical composition. It is also well-suited for beginners who want to start their 7-string guitar journey. The price starts at 199 USD. One must-have that won’t hurt your wallet.

CW-7 Cutaway/Electric Russian Classical Guitar By Kremona Fiesta

Best 7 String Classical Guitars

This guitar model for the Russian Romany guitars. It is a different model from any 7-string Gypsy guitars. This particular model had metal strings and quasi-jumbo body shape. The CW-7 is a classical guitar with an extra course.

Kremona’s specification includes back solid Indian rosewood while the sides are Indian rosewood, also known as plywood. Also, its publication matched rosewood back, and sides are perfectly designed. It demonstrates a constant stripe of dark and pale colors.

This particular type of guitar has a rounded candy sound from a cedar and rosewood combination of classical guitar. The volume, response, and dynamics are on the top level, and its sustainability and clarity are exceptional. With a higher price range that cost about 1299 USD, this guitar is amazingly excellent in so many ways.

Ibanez G207CWCNT 7-String Classical Acoustic Guitar

Best 7 String Classical Guitars

Ibanez is one of the famous guitar manufacturers, and it is no surprise that they were able to produce this masterpiece. Ibanez classical guitars provide an affordable, easy to play and a great sounding classical guitar. These particular models are well-made, budget-friendly, and have a pristine tone and playability.

The F207CWCNT solid top Classical Acoustic 7-string offers Ibanez’s cutaway body. It comes with a German spruce top and mahogany body, sides, and neck as well as rosewood bridge and fingerboard. It is their staple brand and majestic model that encompasses beauty at its best. This model comes with a bone nut and a saddle to project a well-rounded sound. A one of a kind headstock and classical mosaic design even makes this guitar a must-have, it cost around 649.99 USD, a desirable choice for classical guitars.

Giannini GWNC1/7-EL Sevilha Classical Guitar

Best 7 String Classical Guitars

This Giannini has been handcrafting guitars in Brazil for over 100 years now. This particular model features a solid spruce top, the back and sides are rosewood and a mahogany neck to perfect the whole ensemble and excellent tonality.

It produces a wide range of terrific sounds, and it is perfect for playing jazz, classical, and rock. It is a performer’s dream – versatile, beautiful, and reliable.

2007 Richard DiCarlo 7-String Classical Guitar

To finish off the list, here is the 2007 Richard DiCarlo classical guitar. It is an exceptional guitar made by the one and only Master Luthier Richard DiCarlo. This type of guitar has a very clear voice, fantastic booming bass with enviable separation – it plays so effortlessly. 7-string guitars have been known to be huge adjustments to a lot of musicians, but once you get used to it, you will be surprised by the endless possibilities. The Weiss gets easier, and it can be tuned the way the player wants it to be.

This particular guitar design has an LR Baggs Anthem pickup installed; thus, the string spacings and nut width are aligned correctly. It has a very nice French polish, ebony fingerboard, mahogany neck, bridge that is made of East Indian Rosewood, and a top made of Western Red Cedar. It is one of the expensive guitars on this list, with the cost is 5995 USD.


To summarize, buying a 7-string guitar is a huge move and a fascinating one, whether you’re a novice, an experienced 6-string guitar user, or an existing 7-string guitar player who needs to replace an old one. A lot of musicians enjoy the music this particular type of guitar can produce. It creates a huge market for these kinds of people who enjoys this specific tone that added a huge difference to their musicality and ensemble when performing.

The list above will give you a background and brief information on what’s new and hot in the market. Whether you go for it or buy something different is always up to you. Always be mindful of every decision you make. When spending your hard-earned money, ensure buying a model that suits your personality and style.

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